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[ACT] ACT to introduce point to point average speed cams

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gsxxer, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/01/24/2473664.htm

    Oh goody. Isnt this getting too far? i think we will end up with drivers that watch their speedos, rather than the road most of the time. not only do you have to watch your speed going past the camera, you have to keep watching the speedo to make sure your average speed is also within limits :roll:

    obviously Mr stanhope had to get in the gratuitous comment about speeding "if we had these cameras, then 20 canberrans who are dead would be alive today" something along those lines, blah...wanker
  2. crap.... I'm screwed if they use rear cameras on teh GDE :p
  3. Cretins.

    I'm surprised Canberra will get them. With all their beaurocrats and powerbrokers they usually try and avoid this stuff to save their comm car drivers from embarrassing themselves.
  4. wont we all, its such an open, safe bit of road that you can easily drift past 90 on without noticing, because most of us prefer to watch....i dunno, THE ROAD.

    imagine realising youve drifted over the limit then crapping yourself trying to work out how long you then have to stay UNDER the limit.

    sheesh :LOL:
  5. That sucks. Move.
  6. Mogo's not too far hey!
  7. bloody speed cameras .....some body should blow them up :LOL:
  8. You could use the bazooka that's sticking out of the arse of the rider in your avatar.
  9. If it's put in place in Canberra and proven to be effective (ie brings in money), it's only a matter of time until it's everywhere else.

    I remember reading about these in Italy or something, there are cafes etc just before each exit (where the cameras are) that are full of people waiting for their avg speed to drop.
  10. So, in other words, you can speed between the cameras, but then you have to pull-over to wait for your average to drop?
  11. We have them here in Victoria along the Hume Highway.
  12. Yeah, I 'spose so.
  13. Im not sure how the stationary cams can catch people out once they know they are there. These point to point cams may be much more harassing....

    At the end of the day its the mobile greed vans that are pulling in the most revenue. Theyve been hiding behind bushes everywhere lately, and Im currently holding my breath to see if I get a little present in the mail :roll:
  14. would you be able to wheelie past cameras so they cant get your plate? or simply go around the outside/e-lane?
  15. My mum seems to think it works off e-tag, so if you carry that on you I doubt the wheelie will help. If you rely on them matching your plate, then sure I guess haha.
  16. Given some Canberra residents - how could you tell? :p

    I've seen them on the French Autoroutes - the roadhouses just before the exits are often full of fast cars (and bikes) having a coffee (or a glass of vin rouge) for just that reason.

    Pre e-tag on the toll roads it looked at the entry time on the ticket and the exit time and snapped a photo of the number plate if the calculated speed was too fast.

    E-tags make it much easier - they can calculate an average between ANY of the tag points - not just the entry and exit points.
  17. sounds like a good business idea. open a string of cafes near the exits for major fixed point cameras that average your speed. you'd be rolling in $$$ in no time
  18. Or you could take up smoking and have a cigarette before each one.
  19. Cameras would be cool.

    You could clone your own numberplate and coordinate a mate to ride through the next camera way down the road a couple of seconds after you ride through the first one. Then change the plates again to get off the freeway.

    Wait for your fine in the mail, and contest it: asking the SDRO to prove that their cameras are not faulty and your motorcycle is capable of doing 1,435km/hr.