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[ACT] 3 day ride down alpine way, Fri Mar 30th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by ForumBot, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: james

    leaving 11am on friday the 30th of march meet at the woolworths /caltex service station hume

    ok so here it is, the plan is to ride down to TINTALDRA
    either via jindabyne and thredbo or adaminaby on the snowy mountains highway we will be meeting t...

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  2. isn't this meant to be in either the NSW or ACT events section :?
  3. yeah i did wonder where it got to?

    can one of the mods pretty please move this to act events
  4. Heya James,

    I've messaged Jase to see if he is coming or not with linky to this thread...

    as to accommodation I don't mind sharing if one of you boys don't mind sharing? otherwise I'm happy enough to pay extra and have room to myself :grin:
  5. I'll share, I'll share
  6. :p :p :p

    So does that mean you're coming along too?
  7. haha you beat me to it mel, so i should probably book for 6 at this stage?
  8. ok just book at Tintaldra hotel for the 30th at this stage we have a single for mel and a unit that will sleep 5, prices are $40 (i pretty sure she said this) for the single and $85 for the unit which covers 2 people plus 25 per additional person which will be an extra $75 which will work out at $35 a head, still to book for bright but what do the rest of you think about the that you are you all happy?
  9. Sounds good to me :grin:
  10. Hook me up james, sounds good about accomo. Book me in for bright, whatever you organise....Cant believe you booked Mel in by herself, whos going to keep herself company :wink: :LOL:
  11. will come along pending leave...if I get to share with mel :D
  12. lol jcorney the hotel was a bit iffy about putting guys and girls in the same room lol they must not want a p&o turn out :LOL: rosie may yet maybe staying with us so mel wont be byherself the booking maybe getting changed from a single to a double :grin:
  13. jcorney male or female?

    gotta get everything right, as to not upset the publican, will be ringing bright later on tis arvo to find out what can be organised for down there
  14. Ah your in this section ,no wonder i couldn't find it :LOL:

    So you leaving canberra at 11am ,that's good sydney people and meet there easy at 11am.

    How long time and Km's to TINTALDRA from canberra ?
  15. Hiya Sleddog...

    approx 300km to Tintaldra... not sure exactly, depends which way we go I guess :D
  16. i guess we could possibly leave a little later if it helped as well sleddog, i got confused and posted 12 in vic rides :LOL:
  17. the shortest way, with lots of gravel :D
  18. oh hell no
  19. 300km is ok by me ,thought it might have been alot longer.
    My place to Thredbo is 502km ,via canberra and {giveing John howard the finger on the way past} ,I could do that easy so another 100km is cool.

    11am is good for me ,if we can get a few sydney riders to come we got plenty of time to get there.