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(ACT) 1999 R1 Gone

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. HI people

    The new owner of my 1999 R1 had it stolen from his Garage on the weekend

    It is a red.black/white version with about 18,000kms on it now and it had a few goodies such as a full akrapovic system with a genuine carbon fibre hanger

    The bike has no rear pegs on it and had a undertail put on it, there was no rear seat but rather a cowl

    Somehow ACT being as small as it is I dont think parts will be sold here

    Sydney is also a little close

    I have the feeling that the bike may end up in Victoria being sold as bits and pieces

    Please be cautious and if you see any "mint" "perfect" type parts for sale for this model bike please advise

  2. Holy crap that is bad. How quick did that happen. Did the guy you sold it to have it insured?
  3. Shall keep an eye out.

    There's an active bike thief in the ACT, so it seems.
  4. That sucks for the new owner, I saw the title and thought it got stolen from you while you were trying to sell it.

    Will keep an eye out.
  5. Dude that sucks. That bike looked so nice in those pics, hate to think of what they will do to it.
  6. oh man that sucks... that bike was gorgeous...

    I'll keep an eye on the bike forums and will scour fleabay, gumtree, trading-post etc. for anything suss.

    Hope it gets found in one piece. Bike thieves are scum.
  7. Ya reckon?

    z1000 - Dec '07
    Shark 150 scoot - Feb '09
    VTR1000 - Jun '09
    ZX9R - Mar '10

    That's my list. The z1000 was never recovered. The others were found in varying states of damage.

    One of the gents responsible was arrested in April. He has accomplices still around. if you're in Canberra, don't bother with a bike unless you have secure parking. Security devices like chains, disc locks, throttle locks aren't worth a pinch of shit.
  8. The bike was stolen about 3 weeks after he bought it

    he had put a nice undertail on and it was parked in the garage (locked )

    The broke in while he was away and went looking for the key

    it was on its stand with the exhaust hanging loose as he was doing some mods to it

    They dropped it of the stand and damaged it while attempting to steal it

    They must have went through the house looking for cash and found the spare key in a drawer

    he was fully insured so smart move on him
  9. Yeah, there's CCTV footage a bloke spending an hour or so trying to rewire a Diversion. (Strange choice?) Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not with the "ya reckon" bit. :-s
  10. I bet the guy thought it was you that stole it so soon after buying it and you know where he lives / spare key and all that. Thats another scam to look out for.
  11. That's true - and I do not blame him if he had thoughts like that - I know I would

    Thing is my bike pictures were used in a paypal scam and some guy lost $3700 on the scam -- The police came to see me about it - so I also informed the new owner what was going on -- I think that would have earnt his trust a little more