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across wont start - Update Happened Again See page 2 29Aug

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by slickncghia, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Im new at bikes ... and i may well be an idiot.

    My across isnt starting ( ive had it a week or so and never had a problem starting till now )

    ignition is churning but the engine wont kick over at all

    kill switch is on (or off ... u know what i mean)
    key is in and ignition is on
    in neutral
    fuel in tank
    fuel tap tried in on and neutral position (...and of just for fun)

    any ideas??? i havent ridden it in a few days ... but ive tried it a good 10 or 15 mins to start it and its started cold fine everyother time

    have i flooded it? if so how do i fix it???

    Thanks for your help

  2. If you have flooded it you will smell petrol.

    When was the last time you charged the battery? This may not be your problem but would help in the long run.
  3. it had a new battry put in just over a week ago when the rwc was done.

    i havent charged it but have done 200k's last week, didnt really smell petrol (that i can remember)

  4. i assume you mean there is enough charge in the battery and that the engine turns but wont fire. if so, try full choke. In the colder months my across (which is for sale) need full choke to start, but when the weather (or engine) is warmer, it needs none. You may need to play with how you have the choke and throttle when starting this bike old.
  5. Re: across wont start

    So it's turning over but not firing? I had the exact same problem yesterday in my 95 Across. My prob was spark plugs, which was lucky, cause they were easy to replace (and I'd never done it before!).
  6. when i say the ignition was churning i mean that high pitched "k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k" noise. so the engine isnt kicking at all ... ie the choke isnt the problem..i think

    i was hoping it was something i forgot to turn on or something

    any ideas how to tell if its spark plugs?

    its started fine every other time??

    thanks guys
  7. The noise you describe is teh starter motor solenoid. This happens when the battery doesn't have enough charge.

    Jump starting it off car is easiest.
  8. have you tried a push start?
    It will get the engine turning if the starters not kicking in.
  9. Cammo sounds like he is on the ball. Try a jump start and/or charging the battery. Check the battery has water to allow it to hold charge while your in there.
  10. i tried a woosey little push start (never done it to a bike before) and i think somones taken off with my jumper leads and battrey charger, so ill have to get another set

    any advise on how to push start a bike?

  11. googled it.

    get it moving
    second gear
    ease out the clutch
    when it springs to life, clutch in and give it some throttle

    ill try it when i get home (midnight) or tomorrow and ill lwt you know if it works

    i cant believe that batt could be flat after a week

  12. Don't forget to have the ignition 'on'! :wink:
  13. that might work. but i was told and i do it another way.

    go up a big hill. one that you are willing to push the bike up. choke on full igniton on, and kill swithc on.

    in netural get as much speed as u can goin down the hill. drop the cluctch and press the starter button at the same time. bike should then kick over once it starts pull bak in clucht and keep revving it till it is comfrotably doin it itself. worse thing that happens is back tire slides a bit if you dont get it started so just be ready to pull the clucht back in. i had to do this a number of times on my old accross as the battery was well and gone, but couldnt be bothered to get a new one.
  14. Or you could just jump it to another bike/car and sit there thumbing the starter until it fires...

    Pushstarting bikes is easy, but can be a right pain if you use a hill and it refuses to start because it's cold/flooded/other.

    Stick with your push start method Slick, 2nd gear will mean the back tyre won't slide as much. No need to use the starter as well, that's asking for trouble.
  15. forgot to say you need to put the bike in 2nd gear once u goin at the speed u happy with.

    Cammo - u dont use the starter button when push starting a bike? i have always and have not know not to? what damage to the bike or myself could it cause?
  16. It's just not necessary. Jump starting the bike in 2nd (or higher) gear might turn the starter faster than intended.

    Don't know if it certainly would, but there is potential for doing damage to the starter/starter clutch.

    A little mechanical sympathy...
  17. heh, that's the problem I had when I first got mine. The guy I bought it off brought it to my house. I went to start it 2 days later and it just kept cranking until the battery died.

    In the end I bought a new battery, hooked it up to a car battery, and just kept cranking till after 20mins of frustration, the thing just kicked over. The bike has kicked over furst time ever since....I dare not question it.
  18. ok i tried another slightly woosey push start this morning but i dont think i got the speed up enough.

    ill give it a real good go this arvo and see if i can get someone to help push.

    i just find it hard to believe the batt is dead after a week.

    although the amount of times ive hit the started last 2 days it might be now

  19. well shut my mouth. i started first time :)

    i guess it was flooded or maybe vapour lock or something

    i might check out the spark plugs soonish though

    Thanks for all your help guys

  20. Across wont start - Update Happended Again

    I Got up this morning eager, yearning to ride my precious suzi to work for the first time, I had been away for the weekend and it had been 6 Long days since I had felt her rumble.

    Put on all my gear, modified my usual smart business attire for a polo,jeans and boots. Repacked my tools and CD's into a more manbag freindly arrangement and strolled eagerly out to the garage.

    She Wouldnt Farkin Start!!!!!!!!! :censored:

    Same problem, just churrning ignition noise. Both times this has occured it has been several days since i have ridden the bike.

    As it was a brand new battery when i got the bike (a few weeks ago) is it likely that it hasent charged up enough and this is causing the lack of purr?? (note headlight and warning lights ect come on fine)

    or does the fact that it has happened a couple of times after a break give you any clues to another problem??

    Any insight would be great i hope this re-occurance can provide more information that will lead to one of you saying "check the ...." :tantrum:

    ill probably chuck the batt on charge tonight, but i was really looking forward to riding her today...and sarvo after work. :nopity:

    Any ideas guys??? all help appreciated