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Across Sydney in a minute

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by smileedude, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. I thought I would try recording my mornings commute in a timelapse video. I got a time lapse app for my Android phone called LapseIt and pinned my phone to my jacket. Anyway a fun way to record a ride I think.
  2. What bike do you ride, and what time do you ride down Richmond road? I go the opposite way from Richmond to Blacktown everyday between 8 and 9, either on a black ZX10 or a bright green ute like the one you were following for a while. Ill be sure to nod if i see ya!
  3. Don't laugh, but I'm on a red scooter, Sym HD200. I'm not heading out here every day and my timings pretty sporatic but its sometimes between 8 and 9. I'm sure I've nodded to you before.
  4. time lapse looks great !!!
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  5. *Gets speeding fine for being 10,000 km/h over the limit*
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    Can't see my plates. But you could get everyone else.
  7. That's brilliant! Looks great, thanks for sharing it.
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    I spent the $2 on the pro version so I can take a better quality one on the way home.
  9. Time lasp looks great - how long is the trip in normal time :)
  10. I guess when one rides a scooter, time lapse is needed :p
    Seriously mate, that is an awesome video...well composed and clever, too..
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    Its 1 hour normal time there.
  12. Oh yeah, I remember you from the fancy dress ride lol. Might see ya out there!
  13. I'll be sure to look out for you, althoug I wont be as distinctive without my fins :D.

    Here's another one I took on the way home yesterday. I really wish I'd thought of this before the fancy dress ride.
  14. what phone and how did you attach it in a little more detail.... please and thankyou...
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    This is a galaxy s2 with an 8 mega pixel camera. To attach I got the plastic from a parcel post pack, cut it into a shape the size of the phone plus an inch each side. Any fabric our tough plastic should do the trick. Cut a hole for the lens and attached it with safety pins. The software should work on any android, and there should be an equivalent for iPhone or windows phone. If you do it be sure to post up here :)