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Across running like cr@p! help please.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by hellfish, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Well my suzuki across has always run fairly average. Wont move till it hit around 7 grand which i think is normal for this bike.
    But lately it will rev to 9 grand then just dies in the arse and sort of splutters. It wont go over 9 grand and at that point it loses power, I have to change gear to go any faster which can be a real pain when it comes to hills.
    I have no idea about engines and dont really wont to go to my local mechanic just yet as every time I go I get reamed and seem to end up with a new problem.
    This thing red lines at around 16 grand!!! Whats going on.

    Could it just need tuning?

    Does it sound like plugs?

    Could it be the throttle slides?

    It would be great to hear some input as this thing is pretty much non rideable how it is.
    Its my daily commute and for the last week it has just gotten worse and worse.

    Cheers guys.
  2. Yeah check the throttle slides they love to wear out and cause this problem. Check here for info how to replace them if your not sure http://suzukiacross.org/2007/05/30/fix-fallen-throttle-slide-holders/

    Im not very mechanical wise either but i no that this is a common problem with the bike so it would probably good to check them out. Im sure someone with better knowledge will come along soon anyway(y)
  3. I had a similar problem. Hideous flatspots... chunking and chugging and having no power. Replacing the throttle slides and and adjusting the needle to lean the bike out made a world of difference. I also stuck in a hotter set of plugs and put some fuel and injection cleaner in and the bike runs great now.
  4. Thanks guys, I was hoping someone would say it was the slides.
    Thanks for the link Royalla, time for some tinkering!

    Anyone happen to know anywhere in the eastern suburbs of Melb where I can get the slides. Googles not helping me much.
  5. Royalla your a legend! I pulled apart my carbies and checked the slides. 1 was tight, the other 3 had a bit of play. I pull one out and compared to the pics in that link. It didnt look too bad. I then noticed the holder the slide sits in had slight grooves in it.(not sure if this is normal)

    So I rotated the slides with play slightly in the holders and the slop was gone.
    Put it back together, went for a spin and all is well. I can now hit around 12 grand until the little 250 starts to run out of legs. Big improvement.

    I also had a look at making the bike more lean. The pic of the needle in the above link shows 5 notches, mine only has 3 and is set at the leanest setting. So I'm not sure what to do about that.

    Since this is just a temp fix. Should I replace the holders as well as the slides?
    I think a tune is in order too!

    Thanks heaps guys.
  6. If your bike only has 3 notches then there could be a chance that the needles are from another bike/carby. Is it the same for all 4 needles? and what year model is your bike?
  7. I used to have a '95 model Across. If I remember correctly, in first gear it would pull away from a dead stop from about 4500 RPM onwards. It revved quickly and without hesitation all the way to redline and provided best performance between 9000-14000.

    Your Across sure sounds like it needs a bit of work. You appear to have holes in the best parts of the power band!