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Across Rear Wheel Wobble/Alignment

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by enforcer, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. I've got a '96 Suzuki Across.

    Yesterday I experienced rear wheel wobble and thought that I had a puncture which I found out later wasn't.

    When riding home on the straights the bike feels fine, and it rides straight not drifting to the left or right, but as soon as I lean to the left or right I can feel it loose/wobble at the back.

    I checked the chain tension and it's not tight.

    I checked the bolt and locknuts for the rear tyre and they're not loose.

    I put the back wheel on my wheel stand and changed from 1st to 6th gear and the wheel appears to be riding straight.

    While the back wheel was on the stand and changing from 1st to 6th gear the chain starts to bounce around.

    I removed the sproket guard and it was fairly clean, but I cleaned it more just in case.

    On the rear wheel on the left hand side it is aligned to 4 lines on the swing arm but on the right hand side it is 4 and a half, but this has always been like this!

    I checked the front tyre and the only thing wrong with the front tyre is the right hand side is warn out more then the left.

    Anyway I've taken the cage to work today, and yes, it was a nice 1hr10min long trip in peak hour traffic which on a bike only takes 31min.

    Anyway I've just got off the phone with Raceway Suzuki in Niddrie booking in a front wheel tyre change and at the same time asking them to check out the rear tyre. The guy said that because my rear tyre is new and the front tyre is warn out, when I turn the rear tyre wants follows the correct path and the front causes the wobble feeling because it's warn out.

    Anyway the chain is bouncing :!: but I only feel wobble when leaning left and right.

    Is the chain twisted although it looks dean on straight?

    Any suggestions welcome, and NO I don't have something in the boot causing the bike to be unbalanced :LOL:
  2. is your left ass cheek, fatter then the other??? :LOL:
  3. Have you checked ( with the wheel off ) if you have a knackered wheel bearing on one side?
  4. Is this something that's happened suddenly? This might be a silly question, but how worn and squared-off is the rear tyre?
  5. I dunno dean, that doesn't particularly sound like a wheel bearing.... At least, I never felt any wobbling from the back of the hornet before the wheel bearing exploded. But you're right, it's definately worth checking.
  6. When you had the bike on the stand, did you check the full length of the chain? It may be that a section has become stretched, which can explain the 'bouncy' behaviour and make the bake wheel feel a bit unsettled. Check your sprockets for any uneven wear..

    The shop should be able to sort it out anyway, goodluck.

  7. No, but my left nut is lower then the right :LOL:

    I haven't checked this but will do when I go home tonight. Yesterday after my ride home it wasn't overheating or overly hotter then usual but it's still worth while checking.

    When I got off the freeway, which was mainly straight all the way, and starting to do right hand turns into streets is when I first noticed. So yes, when I started feeling the wobble I noticed it straight away.

    I haven't checked the full length of the bike but I did check the sporkets and there isn't any uneven wear. I'll check the chain length when I get home from work.


    When I bring the bike in on Friday morning I'm going to try and ask one of the guys to ride it around for a bit.

    I really hope it's just an adjustment and nothing major as I still want to make it back to mecca @ PI for the WSBK.
  8. It actually DOES sound like a front tyre/wheel problem; I remember having rear shock problems which manifested temselves as front wheel wandering. Maybe the reverse is true too....
  9. hmmm interesting, it is the opposite for me. Your not a left hander are you?? :LOL:
  10. It does sound like the tyre pressure is too low. Have you checked that yet?
  11. Yeah I checked it several times during the day and it has not deflated at all.
  12. I didn't answer this in my previous reply. The rear tyre is only a month or so old and the front tyre is very warn on the right.
  13. nobody has mentioned swingarm bearings might be worn/loose this might cause the symptoms?
  14. Yep this is the first place I'd be looking.

    Put the bike on a stand or get someone to hold it and pull the swingarm from side to side and up and down.

    Any freeplay indicates knackered swingarm bearings or similar.

    That or you've wound the elastic band up too tight :LOL:
  15. I got some new rubbers on the front tyre yesterday and got the mechanic to check the rear wheel and the wobble is no more. There wasn't anything wrong with the rear wheel, it was just the warn out tyre at front which was causing everything.
  16. At the risk of sounding triumphalist, I WAS RIGHT woo-hoo

    Anyway, good that it's fixed, and another important piece of info is filed away in the collective Netrider data banks.....
  17. I still didn't believe that it was just the front tyre so all of Friday I was out and about testing the bike, but I got proven wrong.

    Anyway I've gone to PI and back, 380km, with no problems at all.

  18. First thing I would look at. It also shows at speed. It is the classic high speed wobble, arse end problem and usually swing arm if wheel bearings are ok.