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across not firing with nice backfires

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by frankd, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Hi alll,

    I recently changed the oil/oil filter and air filter for my 91 across. After the service I started it up with no problems and it ran like a dream. The next day later I tried to start it and it wont start at all which is very unusual. I most likely ran out of petrol so i poured in 5 litres of petrol and the problem is still there. It backfires now while it tries to start which i never seen it do before also.

    Have searched the forum and seen posts that mention running it with fuel tap in off position but this doesnt seem to help.

    I noticed in the air filter box there is some oil in there which I cleaned when I changed the filter and now there is more oil in there again. Is this a problem.

    Once last thing, I was playing around with the idle screw which is on the fairing and im not sure if its too low or not. Is there a way to reset it or perhaps someone tell me if clockwise turns it up or not?

    Any advice appreciated :)
  2. Re the idle screw.... anti clockwise (out) will lower the idle and oppy will raise.

    Oil in the airbox is normal, it's caused by blowback from induction side of things. All new cars have a PCV (positive crankcase valve) which returns the said misty oil to the engine.
  3. go to this address and download the manual in pdf format


    get adobe acrobat reader from downloads.com if you cant open it

    idle should be between 1700 and 1800 rpm when the motor is hot

    you might have a air leak in the carbies, check your slide holders they often stuff things around, check your plugs, make sure you put the leads in the right possition too

    how much oil did you put in, its 2600ml

    did you spray some carb cleaner into the carbs? if you do this sparay some wd40 after to lubricate it
  4. By the sounds of it, it is most likley your idle screw thingi!

    Had the same problem on my 250 once! play around with it and see if it will start. Keep in mind its better to adjust it too high.

    If its too low it wont start. If its too high it will start but over rev, which you can adjust once started.

    Good luck.
  5. In the 5 years I had my across, the fuel switch was always turned to on.
    Do you replace spark plugs? Did you put them back in the correct order? Check the numbers on the plugs.
  6. I put the recommended amount 2.9L including the oil filter. I didnt change the plugs or wires so this shouldnt be the problem. I will now try the slide holders to see if they are ok. Im over this, but I guess im learning at the same time ;)

    If it doesnt work after that then its off to the mechanics

    Feel sorry for the poor bike shes got all her covers off and doesnt look too nice!
  7. Before you go pulling any more apart try the following:

    Put the tap to "pri"
    No choke.
    Press the starter button and hold.
    Gradually wind open the throttle.
  8. the across doesnt have a prime
    only on, off and res

    for the op
    you can try 1 thing I did, just start the bike without choke and dont touch the throttle while kicking over the motor, once it starts then feather the throttle so it doesnt stall, are you also sure the leads are in the right place, this is how they should be

  9. There is no "Pri" on the Across. Theres "On" and "Res" (don't even think there is an "Off"). It has an electronic fuel pump due to it being relocated at the back of the bike.

    IMO You should leave the fuel switch at On and put the choke on full and no throttle and crank it till it goes flat or fires up (borrow a charger beforehand). Once going, turn the idle knob until you idle high, about 2k and turn it back after the bike warms up.

    After my bike sits for a month, thats the only way it'll start.
    If i use no choke and play with the throttle it may fire, but then it dies.

    Maybe lift up the trunk and spray some "Start Ya Bastard" in the intake while you crank.