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Across Manual

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by rb08, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Ive checked out the Shop Manuals thread, and posted a reply on the end of it. However it didnt seem to get much traction.

    As such i thought i might be better off creating a new thread. (I hope i havent broken any rules by doing so).

    Following up on this comment by jd

    Im Relatively new to the community, and just got my P's on my Suzuki Across. Shes due for a service and I have been scanning the net all week, trying to find a version of this manual where the pics are visible.

    Does one exist? If not, can anyone point me to where i can purchase a manual?

    If anyone is in sydney, and has this manual and would be willing to lend it to me to photocopy / sell to me.

    Sorta at the end of the line, and unsure as to what other options are there.

  2. Hi Grant,

    Thanks for your reply.

    would be awesome to get a copy to rb08@hotmail.com

  3. Hello TheForgotten,

    Thankyou for the link. I find the pics on this version very hard to follow.

    Anyone have a original copy of this scanned manual? or A better quality scan? or a good quality Haynes?

    Thanks everyone!
  4. :applause:

    Thankyou heaps Grant.

    Much better!! and the link is highly useful as well.

    Looks like i should be set to get started on the service next weekend.

    Thanks Heaps.

    Truly appreciate it!
  5. You don't need a manual to service an Across.

    First check it carefully for holes and also look for signs of stress on the straps. Any frayed edges could mean they need replacing. Next check that the zip is operational and lubricate if required. If your Suzuki Across comes with press studs, then it's worth looking to see that they're not rusty and finally, run your fingers through the internal pockets to see if there's any coins or lost make up kits hiding in there. ...That's it. :)