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Across leaks fuel when reved

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by bugeater, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. I just drove into uni and had a hell of a time starting my Across. After a while it seemed okay. I noticed a fuel smell when almost at my destination, and it appears to be leaking fuel when I rev it. Naturally I'm a bit worried.

    Anyone have any idea where it is likely to be coming from?

    Also, can anyone recommend a good mechanic? I'm in Brunswick, so preferably close. I also don't have an income, so the cheaper the better :?

    I'll pull it apart when I get home tonight, if my toolkit is up to the task (i've only just moved here and most of my tools are in WA).

  2. Oh yeah, and thats Brunswick in Melbourne....
  3. {prepares for customary deluge of across jokes!}
  4. Just to keep Hornet happy.

    "Anyone got a match?"
  5. It's probably nothing more than a dodgy hose in the fuel line. Let it dry for a few minutes and take of fairings etc. that block your view then start it up, rev it and look for a wet spot. If you find one replace the offending hose and it should be right. If it is a hose however, I'd be inclined to replace them all.

    It could also be a dodgy or ill-fitting hose/clamp. Same process. If you've got a shifting spanner, a pair of pliers and some gaffa tape anything is possible, so this should be no problem. :D
  6. You are NEVER disappointed on Netrider.........!
  7. Do you know where it is leaking from? I had a fuel leak problem on an sr250 which turned out to be the plastic spacer between the fuel tap plates had perished. I fabricated a replacement pretty easily, saved me buying a whole new fuel tap (and a lot on mechanics) might pay to check hose connections, fuel hose clips can come loose etc, there are a few checks you can do before you dosh out. If it is beyond you to fix, take it to an expert. Anyway, good luck with the problem
  8. Okay, I've got more info now. The fuel appears to be coming from one of those hoses that come off the bottom of the carbs. I pulled the top of the carbs last night and cleaned them, but it looks like the might be a float(dirty/stuck?- my knowledge of carbs is limited), which I don't know how to access.
    The other thing is it is extremely hard to start without full choke, and it accelerates extremely poorly. Once it is moving it's okay, but then it dies as soon as you come to a stop.
    So I guess I'm taking the overpriced Melbourne public transport then... :?