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across gsxr250 and bandit the same or not?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Tomcatalex, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. are the motors from all these 250's the same, share parts etc or not???

  2. same block, differnt head, etc

    The Across revs higher cos it doesn't use any variable cams.
    The Bandit is lower revving but has a fatter power curve due to the variable cams (in the red top engine?)
  3. Very different engines. The Across engine is a carry-over from the GSX250FWS, the bandit was developed from the GSXR250 engine. Not sure if any of the internal bits are the same but they do not use the same oil filter and even have different oil capacities. Sparkplugs are different, exhaust is different, air filter is different etc.
  4. And the bandit red-lines at 15,000.... the across redlines higher?

    If you can get a VV Bandit, lot better then the old models, essentially gives you a low power band and a high power band.
  5. Actually although the variable exhaust model has more torque and a flatter torque curve making it easier to ride at low speed the earlier model has more power giving it a definite advantage at higher rpms. Like most 250s the Bandit was cut back from 45ps to 40 to comply with Japanese regs. Not 100% sure if this was the same with the Aus-delivered models, but they do have the gearbox of the 40hp model (ratios of 5th and 6th were changed to reduce top speed).
    Both are still excellent choices for a naked 250 though.
  6. +1, totally agree with you there. The only benefit of VV is to improve the "livability" of the machine - I can putt mine around all day at 6000 RPM, unlike the old bikes, which need to be slogged to get anywhere.
  7. The bandit GSF250 and GSXR250 (as per the OP) are very similar engines, the Across is different as per other comments.
  8. Does an grey import 1990 across have 40hp or 45hp???
  9. 45 - AFAIK the Across was discontinued in Japan before the restrictions came in so a restricted version was never made.

    Of course that's what it would have produced new - what it's actually producing now is a different matter.
  10. Hi Guys, I'm a new rider and as such have got myself a import, 88 model GSXR250. Now without going into too much detail (lets just say this has been a very expensive lesson) I would like to find a replacement engine for it. Being new to motorcycles I've got no idea where to start, a lot of mechanics or wreckers have never seen one of these bikes (being a grey import) so they haven't been able to be that helpful either. I guess what im asking is what options do I have with regards to engine replacement? Can these engines be imported? If so where would I start to look? Will an Across/GSXF 250 engine fit? How would I find this out? Sorry if this is too OT.