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across colour code

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ekat90, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Anyone Here ride a gsx250f across? I ride a red one and I've read That the colour code should be under the seat all there is is a noise compliance so if anyone could please tell me the colour code for red on the across I'd appreciate it thanks.

  2. If it's a grey import Across then more than likely the paint on it isn't the same as what it left the factory with.

    If it's not a grey import, then you still face the problem that the Suzuki paint codes only make sense to Suzuki - who never release the details of their paint to anyone. So you're then stuck with either buying your paint through a Suzuki dealer, or finding someone who can mix something up that's a close enough match (assuming of course the paint hasn't substantially faded from when it was new).

    Are you just trying to fix a small scratch or something more substantial?
  3. I have paint chips that need touching up. I have no idea if it is a grey import or not. How can I find out? That means I have to live with it I guess :(

    Also got another question is 12.5 : 1 considered high compression ? I've been told to not use 98 as it blocks plugs or something like that.
  4. Somewhere attached to the frame will be a compliance plate with the name of the importer. If it says Suzuki it's an Australian model, if it says something else (like Otobai) then it's a grey. For small paint chips you should be able to get away with just finding a car that's as close as possible in colour and getting touch up paint for that. It's what I did when I had to fix a scratch in the paint on my old Katana (think it was a Holden aluminium silver which matched perfectly).

    12.5:1 is high compression for a car, and would typically require 98 octane - however a 250cc bike engine is very different. An Across should run just fine on standard 91, the danger with using 98 is that it's denser.

    Bike carbs work on a fixed volume of fuel, so denser fuel means a richer mix - which leads to plugs covered in black soot from unburnt fuel. You can of course retune the engine to run on 98 - but then you can't use 91 without risk of the engine running lean and burning a hole in one of the pistons.
  5. Run 91 on the Across. 98 seems to run rough and as I found out, fouls the plugs in the process. 95 is okay, but I'd still just pay for cheaper fuel to run the bike. Compression of 12.5:1 is normal for the Across.

    Sorry can't be off much help with the colour code.