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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by brownyy, May 15, 2008.

  1. ok work sucks right now and my boss is in a meeting, we had a fire drill so not many returned so i'm on netrider...

    ok, have been reading here a few weeks and trying to work out the acronyms... squid? squider? cager? (car?) etc etc.

    Does someone please ming filling me in, and if so add some more so i can understand what people are saying on sunday on the daylesford ride... cheers!

  2. First up, what's that word mean?? :grin: ;)

    The words you've listed aren't true TLA's. They're shorthand slangisms.

    Cager = car driver
    Cage = car
    Squid = rider w/o riding gear

    What other words have you heard/read that confuse you??
  3. They are not acronyms, they are just descriptives
    No Idea what the exact initial reference for squid is (There is considerable debate on the subject) But it refers to someone riding without safety gear (you know the t-shirt stubbys and things type of rider)
    Cager refers to a car driver, they are behind the bars of there cage not out free in the open like a rider.
  4. ATGATT = All The Gear, All The Time - (Always riding wearing full protective gear, even if it's too hot, even if the trip is 'just down the road')

    SMIDSY = "Sorry Mate, I Didn't See You" (Said by a car/truck driver after they run you over because they didn't look properly or you were riding hidden in a blindspot)

    'Squid' can also often refer to someone who is riding very dangerously for the conditions, or someone who goes really fast in a straight line but has terrible cornering skills. But then, not wearing armour, riding dangerously and having terrible cornering technique often go hand-in-hand.
  5. ...wellllllll, no. The abscence of riding gear defines a squid.

    er no... that's a tosser, a straight line pilot, a straight line hero, a poser or similar. I think we should actually dub such a rider with the term: FLWANKER, in honour of FL's thread along a similar topic. :grin:

    True, but there are plenty of gixxed up, dianesed up, blinged up posers who can't ride for shit...
  6. Stupidly Quick, Underdressed, Ignorant and Dangerous
  7. Not entirely true.

    S - Stupidly
    Q - Quick
    U - Under-dressed
    I - Immanently
    D - Dead
  8. I suspect the acronym SQUID was added after it's more common understanding that a rider without gear is much like a squid and will end up raw like one if they fall off.
  9. Eh, over here we seem to use it more to refer to underdressed riders, yeah. The US websites seem to use it to refer to the whole package though.

    Edit, re: rob's post above - I've also heard plenty of 'explanations' along the lines of "because squids can go really fast in a straight line, but have to slow down to a complete halt to change direction". :)

    I personally see it as a catch-all of underdressed bogan riders who can't ride for shit. ;)
  10. Fair enough Spots :)

    I guess if someone is stupidly quick to the point of being imminently dead, but are correctly geared up, then they're a SQID... which still sounds like squid, but has nothing near the put down power of tosser, wanker, dickhead or FLWANKER. :LOL:

    (interestingly, there are only four occurences of flwanker in google... I think I could be onto something! LOL)
  11. Is it with a silent w or a silent l. Saying the word doesn't flow very well. :) I am in favour of a silent l fwanker has a good percussive ring to it.
  12. Ming the Merciless
  13. :LOL:
  15. I propose "FIGJAM" instead of FLWANKER:

  16. I was looking at this ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squid_(motorcycle) ) the other day... suggests some interesting ways the term could have come about and gives a fair few definitions of a squid. My knowledge is one that doesn't wear the proper gear but one point they make on there is

    (And of course if it's in wikipedia, it's the truth!) But it does show people use it for dfrnt meanings.
  17. I always thought that squid meant they have an armored head but the rest of their body is raw and damageable.
  18. The backronym for Squid has been posted already, but I kinda like "The sound a squid makes when you drop it on the floor" for the t-shirt and protective shorts crowd.
  19. That's how it was explained to me many moons ago.
  20. oooooooo some awesom reading for the second sh***st day in a row... majorly hungover, late to work, 6 pack waiting in the fridge, cbf working, first NR ride on sunday, and a visit to my bike service shop tomorrow to fit heated grips yay!

    ming, well you see, i was asked to do an esimate at work, i really hate esimates, and i didn't have all the supporting data, making it an esitmate of an esimate, so i get angry and frustrated and type fast and dont check... meant to ve mind... flip the g upsidedown and trim its tail...

    ok now i'm rambling... and this version of explorer doesnt do spell checking for me as firefox does, stupid useless IT people not supporting illietrate people... 23mintues to 6 pack... then 2 bday's and before i know it i'll be fitting heated grips with some mates...

    thanks for the help, any more words come up i'll post them here, it was squid and cager mainly that kept coming up...