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Acoustic Brilliance

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cookeetree, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. I used to play a Washburn acoustic bass and love the simple sounds of an acoustic guitar.

    This guy has an amazing style and sound. Linky

    Anyone got any other vid's of acoustic brilliance?

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    really nice harp guitar

    grah! I'm trying to find a vid I saw on the net ages ago - some long-haired young guy who played an awesome percussive acoustic guitar... there was something special about his guitar, like it was a double-neck or 12-string or something, but I can't remember :( It was really good too.

    I'll keep searching.
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  4. I'll check 'em out when I get home. Can't watch Youtube at work. :(
  5. The 2nd link I posted is actually the same guy who's playing in the 2nd link you posted :eek:

    His name's Justin King, but he looks a LOT different in each clip.
  6. My ultra-turbo-humble (with a humility blow-off valve) opinion is...


    Technical brilliance so often equals boooooring songs. Awesome to watch for a few minutes, then it's just a wank; more of a demonstration of an ability than something made using it.
  7. I hear ya. It can become more of a demo than a thing of beauty.

    Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven is a superb display of acoustic simplicity and brilliance that combine with an incredible lyric to produce one of the most powerful songs ever written.

    It was while watching the clip for that song that I was inspired to buy an acoustic bass. Best move I ever made. (Stupidest was selling it four years later to get some cash to buy a wakeboard...)
  8. So... what instrument don't you play? :grin:
  9. i love that guy...ive got him favurited on my youtube and always relax to his music!!!
  10. Well, my theremin is out of adjustment at the moment, so I don't play that right now :p ...actually I don't get your question :?
  11. btw, the guy in the first link doing the finger tap style guitars name is Andy McKee...bloody legend!
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    I just meant you sounded the teensiest bit bitter and jealous about other people 'showing off' on their instruments :)

    Bill Bailey uses a theremin!
    Buy someone his "Part Troll" DVD for Xmas, then borrow it off them!
  13. Kaki King is pretty amazing on acoustic guitar (and not hard to look at either) - search on YouTube.
  14. Not at all, I really do think it's awesome...for a short time, but it gets boring really quickly when the music just isn't there; I'm left thinking "that's fcukin' amazing, now can you please play a song with it? :grin: ".

    Sure it's good fun to sit down and play scales for a few hours at blazing speeds trying to set the fretboard on fire and melt your pick but it's not really worth listening to beyond as a technical exercise...I could never listen to more than a few minutes of Steve Vai and still be enjoying it as music, but he's an amazing guitarist :cool:

    You play Ktulu?
  15. Neither could I. However, I could listen to Joe Satriani 'til the cows come home. If only he'd do an acoustic album...
  16. I play bass guitar, but not well enough to put a video up of me doing it, I reckon :)
  17. Sure, that's what Les Claypool says too....Primus sucks! :LOL:
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    I like Andy McKee (I posted drifting myself long ago :wink: lol ) and Drifting is one of his better tunes. But yes, I have to say that less is always more and more is less in these things. A good acoustic guitar is a beautiful instrument and filling tune with so many notes that hearing them all becomes a tedious task ruins the instrument completely. It's called fret wanking and was made popular by the likes of Ingway Malmstien in an attempt to take the soul out of music. Fortunately for Andy, though he rarely falls into the FR trap, the simplicity (while technically difficult to play) of some tunes makes up for it. :)

    Take this Toto cover for eg. It's gorgeous and not a rosewood boner to be seen. :)
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    Recently I have started to listen to a Mexican Duo called Rodrigo Y Gabriela great stuff, with lots of different influences.

    G8dPso79Z9I[/media]]You Tube Link

    Seany I agree re Yngwie Malmsteen, I saw him at the Palais this year, the man has incredible talent if he could only get over his own ego. :)