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ACL injury + riding = possible?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by eve, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. I've recently torn my Anterior Cruciate Ligament.

    My question is if anyone has sucessfully continued riding with this kind of injury?

    I can't bare the thought of 6 months not riding!! (just when the weather will change!)

  2. Lateral=about 5-10% functionality.
    Medial=about 70% functionality.
    Dunno about ACL, but yeah, its possible Klairi
  3. I did my right one skiing in Canada,I went the Physios route and lucked out,3 months solid Physio,3 or 4 times a week,they work on the small,50c piece size mussel on the inside just above of your knee,you strengthen and learn to work it and it stabilizes your knee,close to 10 years now and I ski,ride dirtbikes and road bikes no worries,just ask Steve Gall,he has done both,he sells the CTi braces,please dont tell me you dont know who he is,I must be very old.
  4. The ACL in my right knee has been severred and reconstructed a couple of times. I also have recently torn the MCL, PCL, and ACL in my left knee, which hasn`t required any surgery (as of yet).

    When I was in Australia I still raced the odd motorcross, Enduro & motard event, and did many a track day.

    The biggest issues I have had with the knee is confidence in it`s stength and it`s ability to endure hours on a bike Also flexbility of the knee, leg, pelvis/hip area has also been a concern to me. Anyone with a lower limb injury can attest to the fact that lower leg injuries often compund on the back and hips etc. So do your physio, stay active, stretch before, during and after riding.

    For off-road use, I now wear CTI2 knee braces. At $2,000 a pair, they are not cheap but in my humble opinion they are worth every penny.

    hope this helps.

  5. I just had my acl reconstructed 3 weeks ago and still not even close to walking let alone riding physio said i might be back on the bike in 2 months if im lucky!!!!
    P.S Is slightly painfull for a couple weeks after....
  6. Hmmm my ACL and PCL are not in situ, my femur wanders all over the tibia, i can ride but the fun starts when i have to put my leg down to hold the bike weight. Initial consults suggested one month initial lay-up after repairs, 3 months lighter weight bearing, 6 months total weight bearing, 12 - 18 months fully healed. I will say my injuries also include muscle damage/deterioration so my initial prognosis is somewhat complicated.

    During my first lot of physio I was inclined to get better results with a knee brace, so when my surgery is finally able to be performed i do stand a bit better chance of getting up and about in under the 3 months.

    Everyone is different but follow the advice already given here, do your exercises, have your rest, work with the physio's, and stay determined
  7. Never done mine but I wok in a hospital where we have heaps of young footballers with ACL problems.

    1) Do as your physio says EVEN when it hurt.

    2) Don't do what your physio says you should not do.

    3) If you get back on the bike and your knee feels unstable get off it and refer to physio she/he may recomend a brace or more time off the bike.

    PS I feel like a fraud because I never took my own advice and paid for it.

    Stay safe
  8. I partially tore my ACL about 4 months before starting riding, had an arthroscopy about 5 weeks before doing my learners, and didn't have a problem.

    12 months later I had a reconstruction as the ACL had torn completely, and i was back on the bike 10 weeks after the surgery. Of course, that was under the advice of the surgeon and the physio, and i worked pretty hard to get back that quick.

    In between the arthroscopy and the reconstruction i was commuting almost daily and didn't have a problem, although i was riding a single cylinder 250 so it may be different with a heavier bike when you put your foot down.

    As previously mentioned, follow the advice of your physio and be diligent with the exercise they give you. They can be a pain in the a$$ but they work!
  9. Doesn't look like anyone has asked whick leg?

    Surely you'd be ok if it was the right. Left will be more of an issue.
  10. I should have mentioned that it was my left ACL I did, and still had no problems.
  11. Thank you all for your responses!!

    It is the right knee, i should be fine :)

    I have torn cartridge and the ACL and fractured the Tibia. Havent had surgery (yet) - i've been putting it off.

    Also, i dont know who Steve Gall is - sorry.
  12. Sacreligous! former Mr Motocross from the 80`s and all round nice guy. Imports CTI knee braces withhis `Gall Bros` business and also runs some rider training for Yamaha Australia.

    Him, Glenn Bell and Jeff Leisk were our first big motocross superstars.

  13. Unlucky. I'm heading in for my first MRI thanks to losing my licence. I swapped my motorbike for a moutain bike and now me knee is fooked from riding the moutain bike to work. Who said excercise is good for you? At least I still have 5 months to recover before getting back on my Hornet. :evil:

    MORAL of the story: Don't get caught speeding. You'll lose you licence and f*ck your knee!
  14. MRI = Kaaaching! $$$ $270 out of pocket here in Vic.

    Darn that exercise to heck!!! $15 netball game... = $600 out of pocket medical expenses already!

    As for Mr Motocross from the 80`s ... i was born in 82 :cool:
  15. Better start reading some history,Mike the bike,Croz,Ago,ec ect,household names when I was your age,good luck with the knee.BTW
    the only way I could walk without crutchs early on was with a brace,there spendy but its better than not walking.Maybe give Steven Gall a ring,hes very helpful.
  16. Wait till you get your gap from the surgion and anethatist!!!!!!
  17. Yup - i know!

    I had another surgery late last year and it was just over $4,500 out of pocket expenses!

    I wrote to ACA about the 'double dipping' - but they didn’t take up the story. We're damned if we do - damned if we don’t - we have to have private health insurance or we are taxed at a higher rate - however there is little incentive to go private!

    How are you feeling after ur surgery 3 weeks ago?
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    Sleeping is the hardest thing aches of a night pretty bad plus being on crutches is a pain in the ass.....Other than that im good.Dunno if i'd get it done again in hindsight had no trouble riding just couldnt play any sports.Maybe after its all done and dusted i'll have a different opinion......
    [media=youtube]i8EpT3uCVWU[/media] I checked out this link before to see how they do it maybe you should check it out!!!
  19. Damn! Only $195 here in (not so) Sunny QLD. But I'm getting back x-rays as well so it's be closer to $270.
  20. #20 eve, Sep 3, 2008
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    that is NOT cool

    On second thoughts... I might just skip it!

    Can you let me know how u go later when its done and dusted?
    I'd be interested to see if you think its worth it then.