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Acknowledging fellow riders….

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by RavenWolfe, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. Not sure exactly where this should be posted, so I figured that I’d post it here just to be on the safe side… :)

    My friend told me that nodding to other riders was a polite way of acknowledging fellow riders & that it is the ‘done thing’.
    Now, from all the times I have ridden pillion with him, he nods to every rider on a bike that he happens to see… (Harley riders excluded.) Each trip we may see between 5 – 10 other riders, yet it seems no one else has the courtesy to ‘nod’ back… (I understand not everyone would see him, and learners ignoring him, as they would have enough trouble keeping their concentration on the road ahead & around them, but I would have thought that the more experienced riders would recognize the greeting). The only time someone happened to acknowledge him was someone who gave my friend a look as if to ask, “What the hell are you doing that for?!?” Turned out he was a Harley rider, I guess my friend is so used to seeing a bike & nodding, that he doesn’t realize who he’s nodding to until he gone past.

    So, I am wondering if there are riders out there that do respond if they are greeted by a fellow rider, or greet others regardless of being greeted first? (If that last sentence makes any sense to anyone?!? :shock: :p )

  2. Does your friend ride a Honda?

    We don't nod back to Hondas

    OK, I nod to most bikes on the open road, but only when it's convenient in the city.

  3. My friend rides a Kawasaki...
    I take it that I shouldn't consider getting a Honda of any kind then?! :p What's wrong with Honda's anyway?
  4. Becuase honda riders suck arse!!! If you get a honda i wont talk to you... rofl
  5. just read this post...says it all I reckon


    I nod to all and sundry, coz no matter what the bike, or even if its a scoot, it says something about that person and makes them worth nodding to

  6. I tend to nod when its safe to do so. In the country, on a not too busy or twisty section its easier to do. If its a challenging piece of road where we are both better off concentrating what's up ahead, I probably not wave.
    In the city or in busy traffic, there can ba a whole lot of other issues to keep your eyes on. :)
  7. Nothing, witness the fact that Honda sells more bikes than the other three major Japanese manufactureres put together. Don't worry about Hondas, they are fast, cheap and utterly reliable and they build at least one bike type to suit every type of riding there is.

    A large proportion of forum members would be Honda owners too, if the information in the sidebars is correct.

    As for acknowledging other riders, there have been a number of threads about this. As an older rider, I grew up doing this and still do (I even nod to Harley riders), but modern riders don't seem to do it nearly as often.

    Start the trend again. If you start nodding/waving, they will eventually feel obliged to do it too.

    As the old road safety motto used to go, "Courtesy is Catching."
  8. Works for me, I wouldn't debase myself talking to a kawa owner. :p

  9. :D :D :D lol No Honda's then... Though I didn't think I've seen a Honda that I've really liked...
  10. Pay no attention, its just the usual inter-manufacturer/engine configuration/colour bagging.

    Just pick the bike you want, barrak for that team, then when you get another bike just change teams and keep barraking.
  11. too true, but seriously, if you get a suzuki... ill snub you :p
  12. I should have trusted my instincts, I had a feeling there was something wrong with you, now I know, brain damage. :D

  13. Yes, I think it does say it all. I might send that link to my friend.... He had the same trouble trying to put the reason into words when I asked him about it....
  14. I nod or wave regardless of the riders even to Harleys or posties. The only time I don't do that is when I'm busy concentrating going around twisties. Doesn't phase me if they don't seem to return the acknowledgement cause afaik they may have returned it but I missed it.
  15. :shock: Oh no..... What have I started? :D :p

    Warring riders over bike manufacturers... Gee & I haven't even gotten a bike yet...
  16. A very wise answer. After all, we're all motorcyclists (except for.......) Fill in the names of the guilty!!!
  17. Other riders 'giving the nod' was the first thing i noticed when I got out on the road the first time... I think it's great, and I do the same for everyone, even the harleys....

    <nod> :LOL:
  18. :p :LOL: Brain damaged alright.... But no, I lied... Look at the bike I put as a want in the section under my name..... CBR600 and a Honda at that... :)
  19. :):):):)
    You're not blonde are you???
  20. Danger : stereo typing being done in this post , dont read any further if you offend easily

    I nod to everyone , well nearly , the only time i dont nod is when i am concentrating on the road or something etc

    but the two biggest bunch of bastards the dont return it are

    1. The 250 cruiser rider , dry rider jacket , pants , clear visor using there little yammy or honda as a means of transport to work and back , wouldnt take the bike out and ride it for pleasure these white collor dickheads wont even nod back when i am sitting next to them at the traffic lights .
    now the young "L" platers , just out learning I can understand , they are probably concentrating so hard are oblivious to what is happening at whats going the otherway.

    2. The BMW rider (old type , no offense brian and tony )
    I pass a couple of themn on the way home in the moring and these anal retentive snobs think they are to good to nod.
    its not like they are riding the top of the range beemer like a 1200LT but an old red thing with a shield and one of those bubble box thingys on there arse end to put there work crap in .
    next wedneday , I am going to flip all these pricks the bird on the way home and see if i get any form of reply .