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Aching to ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MyoMan, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. So as a Myotherapist I come across a lot of different aches and pains/complaints from others. I love giving advice to those people about biomechanics/posture etc.
    I'll keep this short and simple. I thought I'd make myself available and open a thread to anybody experiencing aches and pains from ANY aspect of riding. Any enquiries give me a pm or post down below and we can discuss.

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  2. OK, then.
    My number one problem is neck pain, specifically along the upper spine after a long day's riding. I've taught to do some neck strengthening exercise and it helps but doesn't eliminate to problem.
    Bike also allows a variety of riding positions - which helps a little. But once it sets in, it only gets worse.
    What do ya reckon?
  3. Oh, this thread could be cool. Although I'd imagine a lot of problems would need physical contact or a little back chart you can draw on ;)
    I've got a couple of things that bother me.
    • My throttle side shoulder (between neck and shoulder) gets a little sore while riding. I'm assuming I'm doing something weird posture wise and not noticing.. or could just be gripping throttle to tight (although would have thought that'd be wrist rather than up there)
    • My neck hurts when I rotate it to the left, while it's fine to the right. Not sure if riding related, but I don't do anything else short of sleep
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  4. It could be that you are holding your head too far forward. Think about it: the head ways 4-8kg average, with a helmet added 3?kgs+ and winds it's a lot of pressure on the neck muscles. What strengthening stuff were you shown? As in front of neck or back? Are you sitting at a desk for work?
    Does it hurt in the right when rotating to the right? Both of these could be related.
    And yes I was thinking of plugging my clinic subtly in this thread hehe.
  5. I find that my erection starts to hurt after a few hours on the bike

    what can you do to bring me relief ?
  6. 1. That hole on the end of the bike is for things to come out not go in.
    2. Everyone knows you're lying. You can't get it up anymore (or was I riding past)
    3. I could get a pair of scissors . . . (And a magnifying glass)
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  7. hmmmmm
    that's not very nice
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  8. Take your viagra after your ride
  9. "Do you want me to gently undo the rubber band or will you do it?"

    I drive a desk almost all day, Monday to Friday. My motorcycle has a reasonably upright riding position and I find that after a couple of hours my lower back is very stiff and sore.

    If I bend, stretch and walk around it relieves the discomfort. I assume my core muscles are fairly weak at this point which would cause this? Any particular exercises or stretches recommended? Thanks for posting this thread, MyoManMyoMan.
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  10. Much like XJ6N on my bike with it's upright posture I find my lower back starts to ache after a couple hours. But I also find my knees and ankles start to scream, but that may be from damage from years of football and cricket more than the bike. I've been considering taking the time to move my controls and pegs to ease the pressure on my knees and ankles as much as possible. I know my back is pretty ruined from being a fast bowler for years so I just grin and bear it really but if there's something I can do let me know.
  11. sore back, mainly upper back. and sore wrists
  12. I get a sore shoulder but I guess that what happens when your shoulder and arm decide to have a fight with a car crash barrier lol!
  13. Is this normal, I can stretch my teres minor and major muscles so that they can push my spine straight up again (I have scoliosis) feels weird and hurts after a while during my rides also my knee gets stiff but maybe that's because of my knee reconstructions (I have a sportbike) any tips oh and im 18.
  14. Didn't think it was that subtle.......lol
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  15. I would say that your core muscles are weak. If you reckon they are it's usually true. Core is not just abs though it's back also. Just as important. Try just simply bracing the abs while you ride.
    If you live in Melbourne you can come in to the clinic. If not I'd recommend trying the same as above. Strength training (properly) is not just for body builders and athletes. It's great for functional movement. By strength training I mainly mean deadlifts and squats.

    Try and assess how much weight you're applying through your wrists and arms. Try not to lock your arms as it doesn't allow much shock absorption and can transfer the weight into wrists and shoulders.
    Once again. If you live in Melbourne I'd love to see if I can help you.
    How do stretch it?
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  16. Bike riding position is fairly neutral, but closer to upright. I guess combining this with some spinal curvature at this point, head could be too far forward. The extra weight of helmet also makes sense. I would have though wind blast would act to counter it, but maybe not. I have tried riding with head tilted up and back a bit but I didn't like it and it didn't seem to help much. Once the pain is there it doesn't go away until off the bike. Seems to be around the area of the lower cervical vertebrae.

    Exercises include bracing neck against gravity while in a horizontal position, facing both up and down, and pushing head against interlocked arms. fore and aft. Seems to help - if I'm conscientious about them it'll add 100km before the pain sets in (burning sensation). I do sit at a desk all day.
  17. MyoManMyoMan I can either hunch over like in a fetal position lol or just tense my back muscles or both while I'm at a light
  18. I find after my accident that my right groin and knee hurt quite a lot whilst in the riding position (thats where i got hit). I grin and bare it whilst i ride but at times it can be quite annoying..

    This pain generally starts after 15 mins of riding and will keep going until i stop the bike.
    As soon as i get off the bike the pain is gone, i do not feel anything sitting at a desk etc it is only when i ride.

  19. I have an acute pain in the neck and a high pitch whining noise in my ears, however, when I leave the house and start riding it all disappears, :) any thoughts
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  20. Yes you need an upgrade...... :)
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