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Aching Clutch Fingers - Any home remedies?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Djamba, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. Having started riding quite recently & putting a fair number of hours in on the bike, combined with a bloody heavy clutch (At least compared to my fiance's Ninja 300) has resulted in my left hand trigger and middle finger tendons being a bit on the achy side. We aren't talking carpal tunnel or anything severe but there is a definite ache (like when you've been for a long run after not having run for a few weeks).

    I've started using a small squeezy ball to exercise them whenever I can but I was wondering if anyone else has any tips to resolve this faster? I though maybe one of those cheesy 80s hand exercisers might be good...I can use it while walking around my desk at work talking on a headset about buying and selling stuff (Not that I work in finance....just thought it would be appropriate).

  2. I would suggest changing the clutch master cylinder to a bigger bore design but I don't know if any such thing exists for your model. There is no real excuse for manufacturers not getting this right, plenty of them manage it.
    Otherwise, glucosamine sulphate supplements work for me, can't say for other people. Anti-inflammatories work great in the short term but are not good for you in the long term.
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    Alright, I'm no doctor.

    If it really is tendon issues then treatment for bad tears is: Stop doing what caused it to let it recover, then after a bit start exercising to get flexibility and strength. Anti-inflamatories helped for me when I did bad tears in feet & shoulder. But I'm talking almost off the bone.

    I've just started riding also - 2 months. I've got a light clutch but had wrist soreness issues.

    Looking at what you are describing, then perhaps ease off on what is causing the issue. Try and change the method you use grabbing the clutch. Maybe wait a couple of weeks to let the irritation calm down before doing the exercise. Go to your GP and get a prescription for some proper anti-inflammatories. One of their purposes is to reduce swelling which is part or all of the soreness.

    Tendon damage can take a long time to come good. Months. Sad but true.

    I think you're doing all you can. Anything else will probably just be pain relief. Maybe some Panadol Osteo - slow release for aches that are there all the time.

    Side issue - One day when I was bored I read the little leaflet in the box of some medication I was on & one of the rare side effects listed was "Tingling in Wrists & Fingers". Ran out of the pills for 2 days and it went away!
  4. Thanks guys. This isnt something that is causing me pain or even noticable when using my hands normally (i.e. using Keyboard, etc.) it's just when I clench the fingers as if I was riding a clutch.
  5. if you are looking to strengthen your hand (as opposed to fix what has already happened) guitarists have weird contraptions that sit in the palm of your hand and have 4 things to push down (one for each finger).
    from what i have read, the soft version is next to useless
  6. O.K. then I'm guessing it's muscle or strain that is specific to using the clutch. But I'm thinking it's still the same treatment. something for the pain, go easy for a bit & then exercise for strength & flexibility.

    A good exercise for finger & wrist strength from sail boarding is get a bit of broom handle sized dowel. drill a hole in the middle, put a knotted cord through the hole tie a weight on the other end, then you wind the dowel to raise & lower the weight - a You Powered winch. Feel the burn! Light weight to start.
  7. Is it a cable operated clutch or hydraulic???

    Cable operated, could be as simple as check and lubricate the clutch cable and lever pivot points.

    Check also the routing of the cable in case a 'mechanic' has incorrectly refitted it in the past.
  8. More 'exercise' whilst in the shower? :oops:

    On a less serious note, when I first started I used to get soreness as well. I realised that this was because of was gripping the bars too hard and tense. Its also the muscles in your had getting used to the repetition of squeezing as opposed to ummm....
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  9. I'm not sure about the new ones, but I'm pretty sure when I used them they had a cable operated clutch.
    Ditch the cable if it's been heavy for a while. More than likely will have frayed by now. Or you could just soak the old one then tape it up for an emergency spare
    They shouldn't be a heavy clutch, it's not a big one or has excessive plates.
  10. Unless my understanding of hydraulics is fundamentally flawed, I would have thought a smaller bore with longer travel would have been what you would look for to reduce lever pressure.
  11. Don't use the clutch changing up. I generally use mine for 1st to 2nd and that's it unless changing down.
  12. do you have adjustable levers? Maybe the reach is a problem. Its what was making my hand ache.
  13. If the joints are aching try fish oil supplement. And/or see a doc.
  14. It's a cable clutch. 2007 Hyo...none of this fancy hydraulic stuff for the likes of me.
  15. You could be right :facepalm:
    Either way, it can be changed.
  16. you really could have saved everyone the trouble of offering good advice, by mentioning it was a Hyo in the op.

    seriously, just set it on fire and ghosty it of a cliff.
  17. Holy crap! Didn't the OP just start riding or am I missing something?

    Dude, all newbies go through the same thing. You need to gain strength for that sort of action which you're probably not accustomed to.

    Just jeep riding, you'll get over it soon enough. If you think your Whoflungdung has a heavy clutch, try a Duc clutch!
  18. Recently changed bikes and I am suffering the same problem. I have gone from a very soft cable to a not much heavier hydro clutch, but am really having trouble keeping the pain under control. I have bought one of the squeesy things from the local muscle building shop and use it whenever I can and it is making huge difference. The one I got is adjustable so when you get used to setting your on you load it up a bit more. Now I've done the exercise I should get them to forward the muscles.
  19. My LH wrist tends to ache when I'm in stop/start city traffic. I'm not used to the many gear changes any more and I've put it down to lack of use. It can be pain at the lights holding the clutch in so I need to sit in neutral when it's safe to do so.

    Just as well we only get to the city three or four times a year now.
  20. As others have said you can try some exercises for your fingers like the guitar things, or maybe you can get some practise in with your missus.

    But seriously just keep riding, your body is still probably getting 'bike fit' im sure in a few months you will be fine, if your having joint pain etc perhaps fitting heated grips could help loosen up the joints and keep the pain to a minimum.
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