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Acewell digital speedo install...crash course on electrics

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by L0Ki, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys, got one of these little units to install. Its the basic one with only neutral high beam and turn signal lights. 3701 model n0 i think

    Now i have a few questions.

    With the turn signals on the orginal bike there was only one light for both blinkers. Now on the new acewell its got a left an right seperate. How do i work around this?

    Also when connecting wires up where does the GRD (im assuming that means ground) go?

    Also what does VDD mean?

    My bike doesnt have a battery or ignition key for accersories etc. So will this thing work still?

    Can someone give me a crash course on reading and then using that information to actually connect all the wires?

    Cheers for any help.

    P.S: Here's the wiring diagram
  2. Hmm I just muddled my way through working out what was what by trial, error and looking at a wiring diagram for the bike and making lists.

    My bike's blinkers were on one light too, but there was actually two wires joined together further back down the line that I was able to separate and get the left/right thing working correctly. If you don't much care, then maybe just split the single wire such that it goes to both left and right points on the dash and both lights blink together.
  3. I'd still like to know what to do with the GND cables? Do i just connect them to any part of the circuit? Or a part of the bike? It doesnt really give good instructions on how to do it so im just guessing here.

  4. I found that there were already ground wires going to the existing speedo, so I spliced into those. Otherwise, you can just earth to the frame somewhere.
  5. Does naybosy understand the right indicator side of the elctrical circuit. I've got the left side working. Only 3 wires. but the right is killing me. i cant get the Neutral switch to work for the life of me. And yes its in neutral and the swtich worked before i cut the wires.

    I have a feeling its to do with the VDD cable but i have no idea what that is.

    Cans omeone translate the wiring diagrams into english for me?

  6. Eh Don't know what i did but its working now...touch wood!.
  7. Nice, now make with the pics
  8. Its just a mess of wires at the moment as the bikes not ready for rego yet.

    Figured out it doesnt have a rear brake light switch.

    I can get pics if you want. But what of?
  9. Thought that it was all installed etc. nevermind me then