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Ace bars on an SV650

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Superunknown, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    I bought my naked bike with the intention to eventually change the set up to more of a sports inspired riding position (I don’t like the bikini fairing on the S model). A few days ago I bought a set of ace bars. Toady I fitted them. Overall, the ace bars give a 6 inch drop over the standard bars. There are plenty of instructions and "how to" discussions out there, so i won't make this another one.

    It was fairly straight forward and I didn’t get too stumped. There were a few clearance issues. Firstly the front preload had to be wound right down to get the clearance required. At the moment there is about 2mm between the bar and the top of the preload bolts. A set of bar risers should fix this. Secondly, the indicators had to be relocated. I mounted them on the headlight bracket. All the wires and cables got crammed in behind the headlight but all seem to function ok, apart from the slight throttle increase of about 200rpm on full right lock. I tried rerouting the cables but only managed to make it worse. I think its safe enough. Working at my own pace, thinking everything through and trying not to f*** up meant that I worked slower than most other accounts I had read, but in the end it only took about four hours. Then a test ride round the suburb, double check all the bolts... and go on a proper test ride to get a brand new set of bar ends and tank protector :grin:

    I have rearset riser plates for my footpegs (1 inch up, 1 back) on order which should nicely compliment the new bars. I’m still searching for bar risers. I found a set that would have been perfect at Team Moto Honda on Moss Street for $60 however they only had black.

    Yes, i know i could have gone with clipons. But they don't have the same charm. I am well aware that from some angles the ace bars look ugly as all hell, but it is a good kind of ugly, functional ugly.

    Anyway, here are some pics.

    Old bars

    New Bars



    ps. don't use stock mirrors if you like lane filtering. The mirrors end up exactly the same height as the car mirrors, and it makes for alot of tight squeezes.
  2. That's quite a 'good' look :)
    I fitted a set of ultra-low renthals on mine, Very happy with them.
  3. Looks good. Try adjusting/loosening your throttle slack at the
    cable, that might absorb the extra tension?
  4. Just had a play with the throttle cable adjustments. I was a little skeptical about this working given how much they move about when the handlebars turn, but i had nothing to lose.

    After managing to scare the shit out of myself with a 3000rpm idle (through a yoshi) in an enclosed space, i adjusted the other way got the problem licked.

    Thanks again Hotcam.
  5. Looks.

  6. awesome mate, im thinking about doing the same thing to an sv650, for the same reasons. i dont know too much about it, but whats the diff between what you did and clipons, how much dya reckon they both cost?
  7. hmmmm, so when are you getting the polished tank to match! SV650 cafe racer :cool: :cool: :LOL:
  8. Going with Ace bars is heaps easier. All you have to do is unbolt the original handlebars, take apart all the switch gear, slide the switch gear onto your new bars and bolt them on. Provided you are happy to mount the indicators on the headlight bracket, you don't have to take apart the triple clamp. Clipons will require you to take apart the triple clamp, something i wasn't prepared to do, although I'm told it's easy. You'll be left with 4 holes where the handlebars bolt on unless you source the SVS replacement. Once you unbolt the triple clamp, you can reverse the indicator mounts somehow and make it all fit. Have a search on svrider.com.

    Clipons would be better for racing, as you only need to replace one side if it gets damaged. IMO ace bars look better. You'll have to choose whether you go for SVS clipons or aftermarket replacements (which i think are more aggressive). The ace bars are quite aggressive but can be raised easily with bar spacers. Not sure how much clipons will cost, but I'll bet it will be heaps more than my $65 ace bars.

    As a side note, when you drop the bars the foot pegs are not going to feel comfortable. You'll need to fit the SVS pegs or riser plates or your back will hate you.
  9. Looks good man!
  10. hey Michael.. show us pictures of your SV with the new barend mirrors :p

    unless you wanan gimme a squiz at uni in the next few days haha
  11. If your that keen I'll post some pictures up tomorrow morning. Otherwise just go have a look under the UQ Centre tomorrow, she'll be there from 11ish onwards. I'll be kicking around uni again if you want coffee.
  12. Have you ridden far yet?? I did a similar thing to my SV but then had to get some higher rearsets as it just felt all wrong...

    With the stock rearsets your feet are way too far forward for low bars like that
  13. Rode for a week without rearset footpegs. Painful on the back, didn't even bother venturing into the mountains. I've got rearsets on her now, and I've done well over 10,000 km's with very few problems. I still have no bar risers :grin:. I think they are great. I can get real low over the tank through the corners and even "tuck in" behind my instruments (elbows and knees touching). No idea how comical it looks though, I'm 6"2.

    After ~400km in one day my back has just about had enough, although it all depends on the frequency of rest stops. I generally take only 2 or 3. No worse than a supersport i imagine.
  14. Low bars for SV650


    I've been looking for some good low bars for my naked 2005 SV650. I like the look of these bars from suburban machinery, but I can't post the link here yet...

    Does anyone have any other experiences, apart from the Ace Bars? Any recommendations? What about rear sets? Does anyone know if the SV650S has more rear set pegs than the naked?

    Sorry for the stupid questions, I've only had the bike for 2 weeks, and hours on the web looking for answers has only been partly helpful.

  15. Dave_c,
    I had acebars, but I never put them on my SV and I sold them to a member of SVDU, and the bike looks sweet. It is however too low I think.

    WIth the rearsets, you can get risers. THe SV650S are slightly higher I think. Try SVRacing on ebay and you can get plates to move your rearsets back.

    Come to SVdownunder.com
    heaps of info on there about SV's.

  16. Thanks a lot Michael! For some reason I hadn't come across that site.