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ACE 125

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ibast, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Are you a cupboard postman?
  2. Wow that's amazingly cheap. Shoe horn a 450cc dirt bike motor in after compliance and go have some fun
  3. Possibly.

    Just think it would be fun to ride the tits off this without risking my license.
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  4. Please don't do that, the first pothole will have the motor on the ground and you right behind it.

  5. yeah i would get one for sure but 125 sounds like it might not be up to hauling a big fat bastard around... a few more cc would do the trick yeah?

    i think there was a thread here not too long ago, but not sure if anyone actually got one.
  6. there's a hot up kit that takes it from 4.8HP to 10.8HP Saw one claim of 105km/hr stock, but the tune up kit guys are claiming only 70MPH with the kit.

    Seems a bit low for 11HP, given what I've seen some of the stepthoughs doing around here.
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  7. I spotted these a few months back and started a thread. The engine is a clone of the old Honda CG125 pushrod lump. No bad thing as it's a massively tough design but it is a little limited in tuning potential, largely due to its (really quite clever from a simplicity and production cos point of view) cam design which uses a single cam lobe to operate both valves.

    The original Jap/Brazil built CGs had ~10bhp and could see an honest 60 mph on the flat, even with a reasonably big rider. Based on what I could dig up on the web the Ace has a tiny carb and a very restrictive exhaust to account for its relative lack of performance. Uncork it and there's no reason why it shouldn't go like a CG.

    I've seen one out on the road and, apart from the f'king horrible mirrors the stylng looked as good in the metal as it does in photos. It's not even that tiny, although I'm used to 125s from way back.

    I haven't seen one up close enough to assess build quality. Given the origin and price tag I wouldn't be super optimistic but as the basic design is fairly sound it might be fun as an ongoing rolling project. I'd also add that it's worth remembering just how awful the majority of Jap 125s were back in the day, cheaply built out of crap materials to crude designs. It would take a fairly serious effort on the part of the Chinese to produce something significantly worse.

    TBH, if you wanted an engine swap I'd be looking at either an old Honda CB125 twin or single, both of which went fairly well or an aircooled 125 MXer lump. The point of a bike like this is the fun you can have in thrashing it to its (fairly low) absolute limit like you're 17 and penniless again. Try and turn it into something it isn't and you'd be sorely disappointed.
  8. Saw one of these taken out for a test ride from a custom build shop in Melbourne.
    They had a few for sale.
    Told me first thing they did was upgrade the brakes as basically they were completely shite.

    The bike certainly looks the part but the fella that test rode it didn't seem to think it wasn't much chop but you get what you pay for.

  9. So in all respects it is exactly like a 1970s 125 then :D.
  10. Well,,,,, yeah hahaha
    They do look kinda cool but I guess if you came off a late model super sports and have one of these a toddle then you would be 'horrified' at the performance.
    But if you want something cheap to get a latte on. Why not.

    Slap Deus stickers on and see how many people say 'wow man cool bike'
  11. I also think riding around the block for a test ride is hardly the best measure. I think you'd need a winding road to fully appreciate it.

    And yes, you know the quality isn't going to be great, but some people buy old British bikes to ride on weekends.

  12. For a lot more than $2k too. Even two-stroke grey porridge that was rubbish in its day and, unlike a fine wine, hasn't matured into a work of art in the intervening 5 decades will cost you getting on for double that.

    Perhaps more comparable to the Ace I see stuff like Yam YB100s and Suzi A100s advertised as classics for daft money too. Frankly, given the choice between a new, quite attractive, Chinese bike and a 35 year old, rather oddly styled Japanese commuter that only rose tinted spectacles can render desirable I'd go with the new bike any day of the week. The Jap stuff was enough of a nightmare 20-25 years ago when I had most of my involvement with it so Dog knows what it must be like now.
  13. Okay to be more pacific.
    The test ride was about 20 mins on inner city rounds, over tram tracks and the like.

    'Round the block' was a term of phrase
  14. Does it come with an Allen key?
    Does it ping on unleaded petrol?
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    Last edited: Jul 26, 2013
    They state that they're probably getting this in soon. With a more vintage paint job and a couple of small changes I could see myself chuffed on one. It looks like a postie engine too, which means one could slot a better-made engine in it and access better after-market options.

    Having ridden around on a Royal Enfield for a while now, I must say that taking your usual roads at a much slower pace can be surprisingly good fun. You take in a lot more, and so have a different experience, to what you do on your usual fast ride.
  16. That is astonishingly primitive. I like the early 20th Century air intake <none> but the scarlet paintjob is a little too risque, I mean the ladies may swoon if they see that traveling up the high street.

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    Too many - too confusing. Note to mods: emoticon pruning required before Spring.
    otherwise i resort to this :lurking: .
  17. Since that post I've seen them ride away for a bit under $3k.

    Motociclo in St Peters lists them for $2740.

    Guess if you got the one from Perth you'd have to pay $600 for shipping and at least $600 for greenslip and rego, so Motociclo price seems more than reasonable considering you don't have to assembly it. Although that would be part of the fun.