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ACDC Rawks!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. On channel 7 now, love the band.

  2. my first ever concert
  3. Take Care... :LOL:

    Rockin' research shows head-banging batters brains

    Whch contains the line of the week.

    "Clearly it's a serious issue," said Associate Professor Andrew McIntosh, co-author and professor of biomechanics at UNSW.

    "If you observe people after concerts they clearly look dazed, confused and incoherent, so something must be going on, and we wanted to look into it."
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I first saw them as a support act for Chuck Berry - they were the real stars.
  4. I saw them on a Christmas show in (I think) 1975. Sydney Hordern Pavillion. They were the openers!!!!!! I'd not heard of them until a week or so before, so bought the first LP to get familiar with the music. They were awesome! They did "Baby Please Don't Go", as they did back then and in the middle part, where they bring it down and Angus does that left hand hammer-on widdly-widdly-widdly bit.... he's standing there, legs apart.... right arm raised (to show he's only using his left hand on the SG) and he bends over and vomits on the stage...... then ('cos the show MUST go on..) keeps playing while Bon (RIP...you rocked Bon!) gets him on his shoulders for the vocal/guitar call and response part. It was stinkin' hot that night in the Pavillion and I guess the heat, and whatever he had drunk/smoked/snorted before going on, had combined to make him a little queasy! I couldn't believe that anyone could play guitar that cleanly, technically and soulfully while jumping around like that! Awesome!

    They stole the show in a lot of ways.... their finale was TNT and at the end of the song they start smashing their gear and brawling and a couple of 'coppers' race on stage to 'arrest' them..... quite entertaining!

    2nd band on was Ol' 55.... they were OK, and headliners were Skyhooks, who were still at their peak at the time and played extremely well that night. And it was 'Hooks that everyone was there for, and as good as they were, AC/DC showed a glimpse of what they would become!


  5. My only grumble is that is what way too brief :cry:
    Anyone else notice how burned-out Angus is looking these days?
    Didn't seem to effect his ability to kick-ass on stage though.
    Yep they ROCK!
  6. Live that life for 30+ yrs - and see how you handle it!

    High Voltage was the first album I bought, I grab any video of concerts that I can get - showmen all of them.

    Good honest rock n roll
  7. AWESOME the movie; Thunderstruck is on right now. Hahah funny movie.

    And to think the Greatest Band in history started right here in Australia. Suck that U.S!!!
  8. ya and they are comin to oz as well
  9. The band was so much better with Bon out front though! :cry:

  10. I agree!
    Make no mistake, I think Brian is a great frontman and singer, and I doubt he'd have lasted with them if he wasn't, but the difference i think is that his vocals are a little hard to understand sometimes, and I think Bon's lyrics were (dare I say it?) "better". Just as in, the old songs are like stories, snippets of Bons, or someone else close to him, everyday life. They have an unmistakeable sound, but I think a lot of their songs sound similar to0 each other these days, albeit great songs! Love the new one, it's a ball tearer!

  11. Counting down the hrs...
    Got tickets to see them @ etihad stadium tonight!
  12. I went to the last Sydney concert last night and come away slightly disappointed.

    Firstly ANZ stadium is bollocks. The feedback reverberating off the concrete and the steel roof made a number of songs close to unrecongnisable.

    Secondly the band sold out a bit. Usually they only play a few of their latest album and then proceed to inundate you with rock anthem after rock anthem. This time the new over-simplistic, over-produce shite found it's way a long way into the concert.

    When they played that War Machine song I really go the impression even they knew it was shite. A very flat performance on that one.

    Angus of course rocked flat out for two hours. He litterally ran around a very large stage all night. considering he's done that three nights this week after backing up after Melbourne, that is pretty impressive shit for anyones age. I'd put money on him in a marathon. Age was however showing on the other band members. Brian even seem to dissapear about 3/4 of the way through and you didn't really see much of him for the rest of the show.

    I still thought it was a good concert, I just didn't come away with that buzz I get after most concerts.

    I even woke up with a Mumford and Sons song in my head.

    I would go to another AC/DC show, but it won't be in a stadium and it won't be directly after an album release.
  13. Yeah, I went to get a beer during War Machine, that was a bad idea! Friends told me the bar was empty, you could just walk right up, but that was obviously during the good songs! :rofl:

    I think they played 3 tracks off Black Ice in Melbourne, it's not a great album...
  14. I went to last nights concert too...

    I was in the mosh pit right near the stage... I have to admit, I saw a different show to what Ibast described but I'll say it may just be a matter of perception. I was so close to the speakers I couldn't critique the feedback and I was just so excited about being so close to the stage that I was chanting and being a hooligan thus not having a negative experience in the least.

    I'll admit war machine was quite flat, I like the black ice album but it will never stand up to the likes of the old classics. It would have been nice if they had focused more on the old stuff however, they did dig up enough nostalgia with the songs that they did play.

    Overall I was the most impressed by the type of show they put on. I've been to plenty of concerts and this one really felt like a rock concert. Angus really showed his stuff in that 20 minute solo and as far as showmanship goes, they really pulled this concert off. The pyrotechnics were great and the 40 foot blow up doll was hilarious!

    I definitely had a great time! :D
  15. I like War machine!
    and yes they only played 3 songs off black ice....war machine, black ice and big jack

    Would have happily traded any song on their list for who made who tho...Yeah a week later im still dirty on them leaving who made who off the set list!

    Bon sounded better than Brian but Brain does have a super strong accent...
    but for me acdc has always been about ANGUS!
  16. Yeah it looked like it was going off in the pit. For me it was more like I was watching the real concert through a glass window.

    and you are right AC/DC is more of a complete show than a simple concert.

    Yeah and Rosie has been around for a while now. Funny stuff.
  17. I can see your side of it though, it was a packed show, I think I was just lucky enough to get a great spot so really felt the atmosphere. I was specifically suggesting Rosie's lack of a noggin as she mounted the train :lmao: I was mortified that they had seemingly beheaded her and then out of nowhere her head pops out! :LOL:
  18. He is the hardest rocking Gollum look-alike i have ever seen!

    I went to thursday show, stuck in some earplugs and the songs became so much clearer