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accross speedo cable

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ronin11, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. got a couple of things.. first off, could someone with an accross do me a favour and take a pic of the front wheel from the disc side, and down through the top of the bike behind the bars so i can make sure ive ran the cable properly...

    second.. accuracy: i put it all on and took it for a fang to make sure it worked.. whats the likelyhood of a cable controlled speedo to be unaccurate? is it a mechanical process so not likely. or can it still be way out of wack? i know il have to tail someone going say 60 - 70 then 100k's to be sure.. but thought i might ask here first.

    thanks in advance
  2. A cable driven speedo can most definately be inaccurate. You will need to have it fixed by a speedometer specialist if it is out. There is one on Mt Alexander rd if you are from that side of town.
  3. thanks for the reply.. im in hoppers crossing on the other side of town. anyone know of any down this way?? ppleeeaassseee!!!
  4. I'm in the same area and I know my Spada is at least 10kmh out above 60. So if you find out any info please share.
  5. If it's going to cost a bit to have your speedo repaired, consider living with its inaccuracy and purchasing a cycle computer.

    I have a Sigma Sport BC800 model fitted. Costs around $40.

    I calibrated it using a Garmin Etrex GPS, which are as accurate a speed measurement device as you're likely to find. And mine is good, accuracy-wise to over 250 km/h. So, 110km/h speeds will see it reading pretty good.

    If you set it up correctly as per the destructions, you should see at worst, plus/minus 1 km/h accuracy. For speed cameras, that's more than ample.
  6. If the cable fits between the drive (axle) and guage, without getting stretched when the bars are full lock, or teh suspension at full stretch, it's OK.

    As for accuracy, mine reads 110kph when the cute little smiley face on the speed check radar device that the cops/council put out regularly tells me I'm doing 100kph, so I'm happy with that. @ 60kph the speedo is spot on.

    In Tas it's not worth the cost of getting it calibrated, as the ADR allowed error of 10% is with the allowed error that the speed cameras allow.
    IIRC in Vic they sting you for 3% over?? which is blatant revenue raising.

    Next time youy see a radar cop, pull up and ask 'em politely if you can do a run past and find out your speedo error, if they refuse then get your 15 minutes of fame on A Current Whinge telling all how unhelpful they are :wink:

  7. The company which i think can help is speedscreen 151 mt alexander rd, flemington, thats just near the southern end of tulla freeway. ph..93760714 ...thats easy for you to get to from hoppers...
  8. iffracem - im orginally from kingston man!! will be down that way end of the year :) staying in old beach.. but spend time down that way visiting friends etc..
    the cable fits through okay.. and i never had any drama's when i took it for a fang.. never got caught on anything at all.. i checked for rub marks on it and couldnt find any..

    MJT: can you pleas tell me a bit more about these cycle computers?? are they like a lap timer/speedo in 1 unit sort of thing? if thats going to save me getting the speedo redone, ill be happy to spend the cash..
  9. I use a Sigma bike speedo on my moto. Just set it up as you would on a pushbike. I originally put it on to bypass the 180 km/h limiter (track use).

    It has useful features: two odo's, average and max speed. Oh, and a clock too!

    On my bike, I found that the forks were too far from where I wanted to mount the magnet, so I bought a powerful rare earth magnet (from Jaycar electronics) and it now works a treat. The magnet is epoxyied (sp?) to the wheel, best to get it balanced after you do this.

    Edit: Even after setting up the unit as per instructions, you'll still need to calibrate it finely (against cars at known speeds, etc).
  10. Then you'll be visiting me as well I hope :D
    I won't hold being from kingston against you :wink:

    I'll be up in Devonport on 27th Dec greeting the younger sister who often drops in for a bit of backpacking/hiking etc.

    Hopefully the manbag will be sold and I'll be on something more "tourable" by then

  11. Iif it's a mechanically driven speedo then there is a fair chance it's pretty easy to adjust.

    Take it off and take the back off it. There will be a screw adjuster in there. It should be like a half circle type bracket.

    The problem with this way is that you will need to do it by trial and error.

    And you need something to refference it too. like a know distance where you can ride at a constant speed.
  12. thanks ibast.. ive actually got a spare cluster now (long story) so i might take it apart and see if i can see this bolt thing you are refering to on that before i pull the front end of the bike apart again..
  13. http://www.sigmasport.com is the website where you can read about them.

    A magnetic sensor is triggered by a magnet on the wheel as it passes it each revolution. Like mentioned by the other chap, I have a rare earth magnet glued to the wheel. Initially on the rim, but moved to the inner hub of the right disc. Sensor is cable tied on. I used a Locktite glue, like superglue but heaps better. Been on for 20,000 odd kays now (and some normal ones as well).

    Mine a BC800 measures speed, obviously, has a trip meter, average moving speed, trip time (when moving), max. speed and a clock. Other models have more features, but for that I use a GPS (Garmin Etrex Legend), which has a highly configurable trip computer, as well as mapping, etc. So, the time WILL come when I'll do something silly while being distracted by my gadgets...