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Accros' on the monash

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tail end charlie, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. my trusty red accross and I "met" a teal accross on the hallam/monash that i have seen regularly before.

    was it anyone from here?

  2. hahahahahaa comparing handbags :LOL: :LOL:

    jokes, jokes :wink:
  3. <dons pedantic hat>
    Was it the Across or the hallam/monash that you have seen regularly before??
    <removes pedantic hat>
  4. unfortunately the monash too many times before.

    and the across as it splits into the distance

    need more coffee or is it alcohol???
  5. What would we do without your help Paul?
  6. Sorry TEC, just being silly, Monday morning and all.
    I'll take a coffee, thanks, white with one.
    Alcohol is wasted here, I'm afraid, don't touch the stuff!
  7. Hmmm - maybe you should... :LOL:

    (T'wasn't my Across, by the way.)[/quote]
  8. knew it wasn't u grommit, too far out.

    think i saw you flash past last week when i was in cage

    this guy lives way out past me, must really rack up to k's
  9. just wondering why does every one gives a little grief to suzuki across??
    especially the teal one??? :roll:
  10. why does anyone give grief to anything........ coz it's different..... could be jealousy though. :LOL:

    teal... i think the majority of them were this colour
  11. WTF is Teal??

    Can someone compare it to a primary color so I know what the color looks like!!
  12. Teal
  13. Could be Fire Eagle (Emma) she rides a Teal handbag.
  14. nope not her, this one lives out past pakenham
  15. Because they can :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Fire Eagle rides a red one but Lids and Marie ride Teal ones
  17. i ride a teal one, the best example around, haha, but it wasnt me. I barely have made it out of my driveway the last few days.
  18. I ride a Grey one on the Monash from Narre Warren to Police Rd at about 8am most days, I have not seen any other across' at all!

    Will definitely be keeping an eye out now though, what time are you on thereTail End Charlie??