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Accountant joke (told to me BY an accountant!)

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by rc36, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Two impoverished accountancy students used to take the bus to college each day. One day, one of the students isn't on the bus so, later in the day, his friend is very surprised to see him going to the bicycle rack and unlocking a very flash-looking bike.

    "Hey, how come you can afford that?" his friend asks.

    "Well, you see, it is really strange," was the reply. "I was waiting at the bus stop the other day and this gorgeous young girl rides up on this expensive bike. She got off the bike, took off all of her clothes and said to me, "Take whatever you like." So, I thought about it for a minute and I took the bike."

    His friend was silent for a minute then he replied, "Good choice, the clothes probably wouldn't have fitted you."

  2. Was engineering students last time I heard it… :D
  3. Now a true accountant would have showed her his double entry skills :demon:
  4. typical bloody accountants, pinch everything off poor engineers
  5. yeh, that one was always at engineers
  6. Of course you know why people become economists?
    They lack the charisma to become accountants!
  7. Why do some accountants decide to become actuaries?

    They find bookkeeping too exciting.
  8. cue the chartered accountancy sketch.
  9. #9 TonyE, Feb 16, 2010
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    or Tim Brooke-Taylor in the "Chartered Accountant's Dance"

    (from At Last the 1948 Show - about 1967)

    [media=youtube]d4awZg4QOqA[/media] :)
  10. :shock: .. far too exciting!!....

    Very good!! :LOL:
  11. my female friends say male accountants are like this. Also that they are the cheapest/stingy-ist bstrds on the planet
  12. My dad's accountant's a crook. At least I think he is. Bastard.

    But that's one fun lookin' dance. He's got the moves, that's for sure.
  13. And that's what's known as a double tautology... :)
  14. your friend's hanging around some bloody old accountants then...
  15. As soon as they qualify they immediately age 20 years...
    (and buy Harleys) :cheeky:
  16. ...or Triumphs!!(eh Dan?)

    Ha Ha!!
  17. An accountancy firm is looking for a new accountant. After looking through resumes they find three promising applicants. So they book them all in for interviews.

    Each interview is finished off with the same question. "What is two plus two?"

    The first applicant replies "four", and is told that he will be called.

    Second, "four" and is again told that she will be called.

    The third goes to the door, looks down the hallway and then closes the door. Shuts the blinds. Then in a quite voice says to the interviewer "what do you want it to be". He got the job.

  18. Nice, I'll try that one tomorrow