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Accomodation: Adelaide Hills

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by spawn, Jun 13, 2010.

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  1. Planning a trip and need to find places to stay in Adelaide Hills. Bike friendly, pub type, decent Chicken Parmas, low cost etc.

    Anyone have suggestions please?

  2. G'day Spawn,
    Haven't been riding in that direction (yet) but very interested some time in the near future. When were you planning on heading over ?
    Best of luck with all the planning - in the middle/final prep stages of my first (long) ride, MEL-SYD, setting off on 17th, back home on the 25th.
    Cheers and good luck.
  3. You need to speak to Loz or Bamm Bamm Spawn. They both did trips over there bout 2 yrs ago and found accomodation on there ways through :biker:
  4. Same here, will be a first. Haven't gone that far down the GOR yet so looking forward to it.

    Date not set yet.

    Good luck with your trip too! Take the scenic route along the VIC / NSW coast. Bonang, Bombala etc.
  5. Thanks m8. I found an epic Loz thread on the subject.

    I'm thinking currently of staying either in Mt Gambier (don't know where) or Robe (Robe hotel), Victor Harbour or somewhere else in the hills (Handorf?).
  6. Thanks spawn,
    Rather than do the Hume Hwy both times (coming back via this!), I thought I'd break up the monotony of it all and go via Leongatha, Sale and onto Lakes Entrance, my first overnight.
    I decided to go the long way round (~60km more than straight up on Hume) thus keeping fatigue levels at a bearable level with regular stops for rest/food/fuel, but moreso 'see' some of VIC (pics), with planned overnights in Lakes Entrance (Thu 17th), Merimbula (Fri 18th), Huskisson (Sat 19th - meeting up with ~ 10 other riders at the Pub), then Sydney from 20th, leaving 23rd for Melbourne.

    As mentioned above, for the return I plan on riding the Hume Hwy, with stops in Yass (23rd), Albury (24th), arriving back in Melbourne during the arvo of the 25th...approx 2000km riding in total.

    Time to wait and see what the weather holds for Thurday 17th (tomorrow) - from what I hear, some 'damaging' winds forecast on the news. Interesting, very interesting !

    All the best to you too spawn and let me know when you head off to Adelaide - might join ya if I've recovered in time LOL.

  7. I stayed in Mount Gambier at a pub called Jens I think it was. fifty bux for the night and a very comfortable bed and room. Not far from the local nightclub which you just know is gunna go right orf, and it's on the main drag with plenty of pubs within staggering distance. I highly recommend it if they've gotten the rat out of the roof ;)

    Failing that, i recommend drinking more until it no longer matters.
  8. I considered Mt Gambier, but it's a bit too far from there into Adelaide and won't leave much time for the local roads. I've kind of decided on the routes, first night will be at Robe (just past Mt Gambier) and next night at Murray Bridge after craving up all the local twisties :biker: then home.

    I've just noticed my front brake pads are finished, sigh. got to get that fixed before I head off. 60 degrees here I come!
  9. Cheers, good luck with that wind 8-[
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.