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Accommodation in Bright

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by rossd, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. I'm considering doing a pretty spontaneous Great Alpine Rd run from Melbourne this Thurs and Fri. No organisation as such - just taking advantage of a quiet spell at work. Plan to stay overnight in Bright. There are plenty of ads for accommodation of various types on the web but no reference to whether or not they are biker friendly or if they have secure bike parking overnight. Anyone have any first hand experience/recommendations?

  2. i'll be heading up in a few weeks for a few days of fun in the snowy's. have booked a night at the alpine hotel in bright on a friends recommendation.
    www.brightpubs.com.au or something.
    anyway, haven't been there but can give you a review in a coupla weeks.
    safe riding.
  3. i've been up there on a few family holidays, didn't ride the bike up the last time though.

    we stayed at... hill something :p basically, cabins, but the bloke has sheds set up you could park it in.

    sorry i forget the name of it :p
  4. Thx enigma - I reckon there may be one or two "Hills" around Bright :!: :LOL:
  5. shh :p

    its just before the main part of bright, along the rail path/bike path.

    just found out its called highland cottages, i was close enough :p
  6. Was up there last long weekend, stayed at Delany Lodge about half a click past the bridge toward Harrietville. About 150 a night for a two bedroom 4star unit (had the wife and kids along). Carport, but not secure - no complaints. The campgrounds wanted the same money for a 1br cabin!

    The accommodation providers up there have had a bad year and would probably be glad to crunch a deal, especially weekdays and before the autumn season starts (which it hasn't).
  7. Thanks mate - I'll see if I can find them on the web. Cheers.
  8. Thanks mate - I'll give them a call - Cheers
  9. We usually stay at the Alpine Hotel/Motel. The Star is another pub, on the next street. Owned by the same people they're of comparable quality.

    Not sure what the RACV rating is but they are clean, comfortable with the usual amenities.

    If you stay there on a weekend the Alpine has the live entertainment. I think that Star is more pokies.

    Last year we tried to book for an overnighter, around 15 people. towards the end of April. However, both pubs were nearly booked out. And in any case they were both asking for a minimum of 2 nights stay, which was no good for us. According to the people it was their "peak" season, Walnut Autumn Festival, etc. This was a new thing, as in the past 10 or so years, when we do this ride as an annual event, we've never had any issues with "2 nights minimum" accommodation.

    So we stayed at a motel in Mt. Beauty, which incorporates a great ride over Tawonga Gap. Pub is across the road and 2 mins. up the road.
  10. Thanks MJT57. Did my GAR ride and will post a separate thread on it. I had a couple of Beers at the Alpine. Do they have secure bike parking?
    I did the Tawonga Gap Rd - Brilliant - Did you stop at the lookout on top - great views over the Kiewa River Valley.
  11. No. You park in the car park inside the gates out the front of your rooms. Standard thing. Should be fine, I would imagine. I've not heard of any problems in the past.

    Yes. I think that there are two spots that you can stop at. And yes, the view is fantastic.

    But people need to be wary of those spots as gravel is often spat out onto the road by vehicles. A mate dropped his brand new GSXR1000 a day after he got it on the corner. Mates who were stopped and watched him approach reckoned that it was like slow motion. He slows, checks to see what the lads are doing, and rolled over a stone big enough to spit the front wheel sideways. And down he went. Cosmetic damage, broken mirror, stuff like that.