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Accommodation - East Gippsland, North East VIC

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by lui, Feb 17, 2016.

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    I'm planning a ride around East Gippslands and North East regions of Victoria. I will be doing Bonang on day 1, and spend the night at Orbost or Lakes Entrance, then make my way up to Mt Hotham and Falls Creek on day 2, and plan to spend the night at Tallangatta.

    Can anyone recommend motorcycle friendly accomodations at Orbost/Lakes entrance area? Preferably with decent food choice and good mobile coverage.

    Also in case Tallangatta is booked out on the day, any good alternatives around the area? I have heard Granya Hotel is good? I guest Albury can be the backup.

  2. Earlier this year I stayed at the International Hotel in Bairnsdale after doing the Bonang. Under cover parking (not secure), big clean rooms and very friendly staff. RSL is 5min walk for a good feed and drink.
    On the same trip on the way home I stayed in Corryong at the Mountain View motel. The owners were super friendly and accommodating. They gave us a compete run down on wheres good to get food what there is to do and who has the coldest beer. They even had the air con going in the room before we got there so we entered into a nice cool room! Highly recommend for the service alone. The rooms were fairly basic but comfortable and spacious. You can park the bike outside your room but its not undercover or secure.
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  3. I second the Internatioonal Hotel at Bairnsdale. Nice clean and big rooms, quiet, fast wifi, very friendly and helpful staff, good on site parking. RSL is very close, and meals there are nice.

    Would avoid Lakes Entrance simply because it is so crowded and overpriced. Plenty of accommodation choices and places to eat though.

    Don't stay at Orbost. Very unusual little town. We stayed at Country Roads Motor Inn, a bit old and tired place run by a funny little man who dished me a wifi voucher for 500MB per 24 hours. Not many options for dinner either, you have to order by 8pm or go hungry. Meals at Orbost Club were nice, but the place is very popular, so get in early if you want to get a table.
  4. Thanks for that guys and gals. It's going to be 550km from Sydney to Bonang, then 100km on the Bonang itself, so my preference is to stay at Orbost, Lakes Entrance is more of a backup, Bairnsdale is just a tad too far.

    Interesting comment about Orbost, I have been there twice but both times only stopped for fuel, I have heard others saying Orbost is a funny town and don't stay here. I wonder is it the people or location that is discouraging overnight visitor?
  5. I have stayed at The Bairnsdale Motel a few times. Its an excellent Motel, and a little pricey. I have always enjoyed my Stays there.
  6. There's nothing wrong with Orbost itself, nice small town, beautiful country, full of history. I feel it has this "funny" reputation because of people. As many small towns in the country, it is somewhat run down, there are no jobs, young people are leaving in hoards. The fact that all pubs, caf├ęs and a club are closed after 8pm on Firday and Saturday says it all. You can definitely stay there, just accommodate some local peculiarities. I'd still choose to stay at Orbost over the Lakes.
  7. Yeah it is quite a trek, think it was 700km from Wollongong to Bairnsdale via the coast and Bonang. However it puts you on the door step of the Omeo Hwy which means more twisties on the second day.
  8. If you have your sights set on Orbost then try the Club Hotel, it's cheap and has a lockup area for bikes. In Lakes Entrance I'd go for the Esplanade Motel it's in the main street, relatively cheap & walking distance to everything.
  9. I've stayed at both the Club Hotel and Commonwealth Hotel in Orbost, but not recently. Both basic, in the manner of traditional country pubs with old rooms and bathroom down the hall, but that's all our crew want. Very cheap IMO. Meals ok but not at all fancy, the town is pretty quiet even on the weekend. Both owners were helpful.

    There's a busy pub at Jingellic (NSW side), and a quiet one at Walwa (Vic side). The Jingellic one is a step upmarket but not prohibitive. Two pubs with accommodation at Tallangatta last time I looked. If you happen to go up the Omeo Highway there's the one at Mitta Mitta and a motel at Dartmouth.
  10. When doing the Snowys trips, we've stayed at the Central Hotel in Lakes. There's a motel right behind the hotel, and the hotel has pretty good meals. Probably not the cheapest around, but very convenient.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. I have been to and back, stayed at Bairnsdale International and it did not disappoint, turns out it's quite popular among motorcyclists. The second night I stayed at Wodonga Blazing Stump, I can highly recommend.
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