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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Jimi, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. On my way to work today, I heard on the radio that there had been an accident between a bike and a car. Then on my way home today I saw an accident involving a bike on the Nepean Hwy (I hope it was noone here in either of those).

    I thought to myself (1) that I hope the rider was OK, (2) that the bike wasn't too badly damaged and (3) I will need some good leathers when I get a bike!

    Point of this post is, I know accidents happen. I just want to be prepared incase it ever happens to me, safety first.

    What sh*ts me is that also on my way home today, in the great weather, I was overtaken in an 80 zone (I was going the limit), pretty quickly by a bike, rider in t-shirt, loose jeans and sneakers... with a pillion in a t-shirt, shorts and thongs!

    Does anyone have any comments here! Please tell me it wasn't one of you!
  2. Safety first i'm for that. However it is a freedom to choose not to. Don't just limit yourself to leathers, take time and consider all other brands,materials of safety gear as there is a vast range to choose from.
    Regards Mick
  3. Read the sections here that deal with riding tips for new riders. There is a lot of great wisdom in there.

    Yes there will always be pillocks who ride around in shorts and thongs.
    Hey someone has to keep the staff at rehab centres employed :?

    Just don't let it be you :D
  4. hahahaahha I'm thinking of getting some summer gear. Leathers are just too bloody hot in summer. Anyone want to go shopping with me? I'm thinking of purchasing some designer labels like Alpine Star and and and thats about it :)
  5. Their the ones who'll be wearing their arse on their arms and legs after the graft. And/Or writhing in pain as the nurse scrubs the road out of their open wounds (been there done that and its not worth it).

    Buy your gear, then buy your bike with your left over money. Not the other way round!

    The minimum I wear for short trips is helmet, gloves, cordura jacket, Dragin Jeans with leather boots. I cringe whenever I see someone in anything less.
  6. any salesman worth his salt will try to sell you the gear when you get the bike. even to the piont of adding the cost to finance if yr getting it through the dealership.

    On the ride today, the number of squids both rider and pillion out there was unbelievable.
  7. I guess the weekend warrior crowd were out cafe racing on such a nice day. Thier out there dressing for the ride (and posing), when they should be dressing for the crash.
  8. You got the right attitude Jimi.

    I didnt jump on my bike (sitting in the garage) until I had all my safety gear, good thing to! I used it all!

    Enjoy the riding when you get there