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Accidental invention- cheap sun block

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by smileedude, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. So on the recent fancy dress ride I wore a mustache onesie. To complete this get up I whacked a mustache on my helmet in the mustache position. It made zero obstruction to my vision as it was already obscured by the nose thingy.

    I left it there because why not. But today I rode home in the setting sun and oh boy was it useful. Instead of riding around with my hand doing an obscene ww2 gesture I just half opened my visor and was able to block the sun with the mo.

    It was a little thin and I could probably have done with a more obscene ww2 style mustache but the idea is there. A bit of black tape on the bottom of your visor is your make shift sun blocker. If you can get some of that re stickable vynal you can move it to the corner of your visor when there is no sun.

    Now this idea seems so simple that it must have been invented by now but I can't recall ever seeing it on someone's helmet.
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    Nope... Had a strip of tape on my visor for a long time now.... One of my helmets is shark vision r... With clear visor it has a lot of sky visible, so a bit of tape is a perfect fix... Once I thought I invented the word 'textertain'... Only to find it had been used for a long time prior... :). Oh and you can buy a strip to put on your visor... Google it.. lol.
  3. Aw but it seemed so clever well atleast it is way more stylish then electrical tape.
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  4. :worthlesspics:

    It really is.
  5. Hands up all those that remember riding up the hill on the main straight at Amaroo, in the late afternoon.

    Big thick strips of masking tape top and bottom of the visor, with only a wee thin strip of clear visor to look out.
  6. I use a cheap knock-off version for the commute......

    Due east in the morning - due west in the evening.......blinding rising and setting sun.

    The visor has done wonders! Just dip your head a little and instant vision.
  7. "Amaroo?" Just how old are you?:wacky: