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Accidental burnouts|| ramp speedbumps

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by conspiracytheorist, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. Hmmm bad day for riding for me. First off the bike shop was being difficult about taking back the xena disc lock I bought yesterday. Then when going up a ramp at warringah mall, I had to stop on a speed bump, with one tyre in front of it, one behind. So when I try to take off, I cant move!

    Tried to push it instead, too hard. Motioned for the car behind me to help me push it, but they didn't budge! Couldn't reverse a bit to get acceleration as the car behind me wouldn't move back despite motioning. So had to revv harder to get over it.

    10 metres later I came to the boom gate to get a ticket, but it won't come out. Try bouncing a bit, doesn't help so I hit the button and talk to a lady who tells me to go around it. After watching the movie and coming back to the bike I notice the damage to my rear tyre which looks like iv been doing burnouts all day. I went to management to complain but they give me the you enter at your own risk speech. They say they'll pass it on and I take the opportunity to inquire about whether bikes have to pay. Basically said you technically are supposed to, but since you can't get a ticket you can't be expected to pay. So thats good at least.

    When I got home I checked the tyre again and I couldn't see the shredded bits, so it looks ok I think. What do you guys think? It was probably grinding a total or 10 seconds, is that long enough to do some serious damage?

  2. im a noob, but i'd take it to a bike shop... better to be safe than sorry... who knows....
    worst comes to worst ur up for a tyre... $200 if that???
  3. $300 if it's a sportsbike tyre. More if it's an unusual size or very large/wide tyre.

    I'd say you'd be fine. Just wasted a bit of rubber, that's all. But by all means get ur mechanic to have a quick look at it. Just make sure he's the honest type. ;)
  4. Bah, I hate when people follow too close in car-parks.

    Yes, I'm going backwards now. It's called a 'reverse park', numb-nuts. I indicated and gave plenty of warning. Now sod orf or taste tow-bar.

    I'd say your tyre's probably fine. When you do a burnout your tyre gets pretty damn hot and soft, so it's likely to pick up a lot more debris off the road just afterwards.
    If you just rode slowly to a spot, it would probably stay on the tyre.

    Give it a short ride somewhere and then see if it's improved and passes visual inspection.

    ... was it at least a good burnout? :grin:
  5. To tell you the truth I was staring at the arse behind for not helping as I was trying to go forward, so not sure if it was a good'un.

    It looked fine after I got it home, I rode to the city and back (30km each way) last night too, and it seemed fine. I'll get dad to have a glace though just to be sure. Thanks for the help.
  6. i would say its ok i mean for you to damage the totally you have to be at least doing it for a minute.

    but that my input ..

  7. A 10 second burnout? Meh, nothing to worry about.

    I'd be more worried that you're getting stuck in stupid situations like that. Ride it with some knackers son.

  8. Big mistake going to Warringah Mall any time, but particularily at xmas time.

    What were you thinking! :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Next time you'll know to stop before the speedhump, giving you enough room for a little run up. If cars behind don't like it - tough titties. :p

    ...or you could roll back enough to rest your rear tyre on the bumper of the car behind, that'll help you with the hill start too. :wink:
    Maybe then they'll get the idea to leave enough room.