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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gvma, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, I don't know if this is the right place to put this, but last week I was riding in Melbourne & a guy did an illegal left turn from the right lane in front of me. I couold do nothing but smash into him and fly over the top of his ute. I was o.k, he accepted fault and I made a police report and we exchanged numbers. The problem is 1) I have no insurance, 2) he has no insurance, 3) bike is smashed, needs to be replaced. How do I go about getting this sorted out? I have an appointment with a lawyer on thursday so he can prepare a letter of demand. What are peoples thoguhts on this (I know I should have insurance, but cannot get my bike insured, tried.)


  2. If you dont have insurance you shouldn't be riding.

    Glad you're ok, hope it works out. Best thing to do is get the lawyer to sort it out. Good luck.
  3. Did he get charged?

    Ok you are likely to win it on those facts. So what I would do is make a complete assessment of all your losses, miss nothing. That gives you the number you need from him. Then figure the stuff that has to be done to get the bike on the road. If its fixable.

    The lawyer will handle the letter of demand. Sadly if he has no money it way be a long road to actually get anything out of him. Doable tho.

    So assuming you need the bike you then need to look at getting it roadworthy while the legal stuff grinds on.
  4. Thanks guys, I know about the insurance thing but like I said, 5hit happens, I can't stay off my bike. Will go down the legal channel I think, wjhat do you guys think about contacting him? Or should I just leave it to the lawyer?

  5. Hey Phizdog - mate, he is asking for advise, not a lecture :eek: :LOL: :LOL:

    Do not make contact with the person. Go down the legal path.
  6. I take it you have no money and you need the bike going? Whats the damage like?

    Yeah + 1 to lectures. As he has given the facts he didnt stuff up, the other bloke did. You could certainly argue that the other bloke should have had insurance. And it would make this guys life simpler. But sheesh.. way to help mate. :(
  7. +1 Dont make contact yourself, it can be classed as harrasment, let the lawyer do all the talking. Hope it gets all sorted :)
  8. He chose not to get insurance. As did the guy who hit him. I wished him luck and advised that yes going to a lawyer is the best decision. I'm not gonna be all 'aww bubs are you ok' when its the attitude of 'too hard, too expensive, so I won't get insurance' thats fcuked him in the first place.
  9. Thanks again, but bike is stuffed, front end is smashed in, wiring looms shredded, all fairings either scratched to the 5hithouse or just gone, muffler shredded, etc. The quote my dealer has written up is already at $5000, and he is not even half way through! I absolutely cannot afford to get it fixed, heading overseas for two months, and only just scraped enough cash together for that. Looking for a new bike when I get home, mush to mys missus' dissapointment.

    On that note, why, when you have an accident where it is not your fault, you are not injured, does your partner give you yappity yap, "told you so, damn bikes, told you so, you are buying a car, told you so, and told you so?" Where is the love? Where is the make it all better, sympathetic, thank God you are ok sex? Where for the love of God?
  10. +1 for more lectures
    I love lectures.. When gvma posts here about the bad luck he had, two parties will benefit..
    A) gvma with free and friendly advice from NR
    8) NR, for realising the outcome of riding a bike and not have insurance

    advice goes to A, lectures are for the B...
  11. Right there.
  12. you lost me there, was that a slip of the tongue?..:? ....
    If you get no sympathy, do this :music:
  13. Where is the "make it all better, sympathetic, thank God you are ok sex?"
    How's that?

    I know, joking.
  14. Hey gvma,

    It's good to hear that you came out of it unhurt. Like the others have suggested I would go down the legal path, it's the best way to ensure you don't do something that will accidently give him an excuse to avoid paying up.

    Good luck with it all and let us know how you go.

  15. Someone is thanking god that even if you had an accident you end up ok, so did your sexual capabilities,
    Two different actions, one thanking god who protected you, 2nd giving you some love.
    Anyway, besides all this... If you are about to go on a big trip, you will need to let someone else take care of your affairs and that could be an expensive lawyer+ someone to take the bike around for 3 quotes etc..
    This will not go away in just a couple of days..
  16. That's why you get a pro-bike partner, who would let you ride their bike while yours is being fixed up or replaced. :p

    Bad luck on it all, hope it all goes well with getting things back on track.
  17. What a crock of shit!!! In an ideal world everyone will have full insurance comp, fire/theft, tpp etc etc, reality ius it isn't a perfect world and noone actually wears rose coloured sunnies...

    I own a car and a bike and have no insurancve on either, shit hits the fan and I have an accident I wear it and accept what i've put myself in for.
  18. I'm not talking about comprehensive, I'm talking third party property. Why should someone else be inconvenienced and have to wait months/years while you save up enough money to pay them back for your mistake? If you always have alot of money on hand, fine. But people generally aren't in such a position.
  19. Hey all,

    Phizog has a point. The US and Europe - it is manditory to have third party insurance. It should also be applied in Australia. As pointed out, to not inconvenience others. :grin: