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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by shady_knife, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. went through a round about as i was half way through it a lady driver came out like i didn't exist, i was watching her but she had some pace on her and alls i could do was slow down before i went smack into her (im not pro rider) side. luckily enough i didn't go under the 4wD ute thingy, though bikes fair fuxored.

    right handle bar snapped off, both mirrors gone, right indicator gone, fairings all scratched, brake fluid everywhere, rear break (that whole part where you foot rests) was hanging on by cords, probably structual damage (it was a classic t-bone style) i rang racv and got it towed, they took it to the tow yard where it will sit until the insurance company sought it out.

    she was insured, she admitted fault, i'm insured with swann insurance, never had anything like this happen before

    so i guess the questions are...

    do you think they will repair or replace? or just give me the money?
    how long do you think this will take? (its my only transport)
    anything i should know and look out for?
    never had an accident before, so kind of in the deep end.

    i got her details ect.
  2. Give her details to Swann and find out if she is lodging a claim. If not, you will have to do that.

    1. Who knows, depends on the value of the bike compared to the repair bill. If the frame is damaged, it'll be written-off. Replace or cheque, depends on your policy details.

    2. How long's a piece of string?

    3. Make sure you claim for your gear and any personal belongings that were damaged. Keep in touch with Swann to see how it's going.
  3. how are you?
    go to the doctor tomorrow, even if you feel fine. get a checkup, and make a report at the doc that you had the crash.
    the reason being, any injury, and you need this for TAC.

    good that she's insured etc, Swann should sort it out fairly quickly. call them tomorrow, give her details and the accident details etc, and ask about a loan car/bike as this is your only form of transport. as in the other person's insurance or maybe your insurance will pay for this, you shouldnt be out of pocket.

    also any gear you have, if it's damaged, like helmet, leathers or jacket etc, any damage, tell your insurance and get it replaced. this wasnt your fault, so you shouldnt come out of it worse off.

    it could take a couple of weeks to see any money, it sounds liek a write-off if you had fairings damaged and the rest. TAC covers medical costs and i think also loss of income, but this may be due to injury and not just lack of transport.

    hope you sort it all out quickly. and learn as much as you can from it, maybe travel slower in roundabouts, be ready to toot and brake/swerve. i was luky i avoided this a while back, i was going fast through one, 4wd didnt see me/misjudged me, and almost cut me off, i was doing about 70km/h. lucky i swerved hard, and she braked at the last second. although i wasnt speeding, my speed didnt help the situation.

    again hope you are ok, heal fast, and get back on two wheels soon :)
  4. Glad your ok mate!

    With bikes, these days a stone chip is an instant write off
  5. First of all if your a stress head, calm down and slow down.

    Do you have Full comprehensive insurance? If so the insurance company will do almost everything for you once you start a claim (Give them the crash details), they may ask you to get them quotes for the repairs before they send their assessor to look at it.

    If you only have third party firstly, you noggin head!, you will have to send her a letter of demand with quotes for repair or if its totaled the cost of replacement (Redbook price http://www.redbookasiapacific.com/cs/bikes/) and then wait for her to do something. then wait 2 to 3 months before she or her insurer does anything about it..
  6. get her booked by cops :twisted: so she modifies her fu--ed up driving . would be a good idea :eek: dont u think?? get the bike back . take it home . its probaLY being robbed now in the yard . get the police involved . at the moment its your word agaist her??? get a statement from her too police . fax it through too your insurence :wink:
  7. get the bike back . take it home . its probaLY being robbed now in the yard

    Nothing like starting the day with a bowl of crap for breakfast :roll:

    She's insured, you're insured, the bike's a write-off, see a doctor, move on, be especially careful on roundabouts because there's only 3.5 drivers in the whole country who know how to use them properly.
  8. look . if your bike go's missing .lost . stolen . can't be assesed by insurence . you nothing . thats what happened too me . why was'nt the police involved ???? :roll:
  9. Take her to school dude. Nothing shits me worse on the road than people with lack of spatial awareness. (CAMRYS IM LOOKING AT YOU!) I dont ride yet, but if i can be aware of my surroundings, then so can everyone.
  10. these peeps dont care about being a victim of neg driving :roll:
  11. Well that doesnt make much sense. If its insured and it gets stolen, lost by the towing company or what ever, then it would be treated as a stolen bike claim, and you will be payed out.
    No it cant be assessed for repairs to the damage if they cant find it, but the bike is gone, stolen, missing, what ever, its still claimable.
  12. If its in the care if the insurance company its their responsibility. (unless there is come clause in the policy that its not, which wouldn't surprise me)

    If its stolen they would cover it.. I don't know why im on this bandwagon its not going to get stolen... who came up with that drivel anyway?
  13. So who are the other 2.5 who like me know how to use a roundybout?
  14. get this . i was in accident . cops left my bike on side of road . trucks fault. i went too hospital.my bike got stolen. trucks nrma could not asess bike . nrma refused too payout :roll: cause they could not asses bike . i got nothing . bike is still missing . i was riped off by the nrma :roll:
  15. get a lawyer. Easy case.
  16. how . no bike too asesse :roll:
  17. I guess the police would have made a report of the accident if they attended, meaning they can say that the motorbike was there. It was stolen as a result of the crash so it's their issue not yours. I guess they think that you had some mates collect it and you're saying it was stolen to get a new bike or something - have you reported it as stolen?