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Accident...What to do??!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by puttputt, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Hi all.

    I was involved in a minor accident last night at the lights. Basically, every car had taken off when the lights changed except for the car in front of me. I anticipated to early and rode straight into the back of this car (who was sitting in front of green lights).

    I admit that I was in the wrong. However, I'd like to know what my rights are. As a new rider, I only picked up my provisional certificate last weekend (havent yet collected my Ps license from RTA) - I'm stilling riding under my Ls license/plate.

    The driver collected my license details, but I forgot to note down her license and rego as I was in a bit of shock. The driver is getting a quote - I scraped the plastic shield on bottom of rear. Note: she already had several sratches and dings from previous other accidents caused to the same panel.

    Do I need to report this to police? What will happen to me if I report it?

  2. Bad luck mate… but what can you do!!!. The driver will call you. He will tell you how much the damage is. If it is less than your insurance excess, you pay his mechanic, end of the story.
    If it is more than the excess and you are willing for your insurance to pay for it, make a claim with your insurance (ask the driver for his details), pay your insurance the excess, end of the story.
    You have third party insurance? Right?..
    Bad luck…Is your bike ok?
  3. If you report it to the police you will be issued with an infringement notice for causing a collision.

    Cut your losses, pay for the repairs to the other party and be more attentative in the future
  4. Given you are quoting the "RTA" I assume you are in NSW??
    If so, you need to phone PAL and report the accident, you WILL NOT receive a TIN from Police, it is a P5 accident. The PAL operator will give you an event no, prefixed by E:XXXX. This cops event number is for reference only.

    As no party claims to be injured, and as long as there are no licenses with adverse CI83's or expired rego's that will be the end of the Police interest.

    The options you have to settle the claim by the other party is either pay from your pocket, or claim on your insurance (I hope you have at least 3rd party property- this is not a greenslip).
  5. The other party will present you with a few different quotes, however, unless they are really nice, these quotes will be from crash repairers, and will be probably be a price to remove and repaint the whole bumper, fixing the scratches you made, as well as the rest of the ones on the bumper.

    If they will allow it, ask to get your own quote done to fix the scratch you made only. The best way to do this is to contact someone like Chips Away (www.chipsaway.com.au) and meet them at the car while they create a quote. To fix a couple of scratches from a low speed rear end (from your bike I assume) will be nowhere near the cost of repainting the whole bumper. Even still, you could get all their bumper scratches fixed, and it would still be cheaper than a crash repairer!

    However, I'm sure they will be well within their rights to try and make you pay the cheapest of the three quotes they present you with, but you can only try.

    ...or you could just deny the whole thing, like the wanker who backed into my car, gave me his business card, admitted fault, and then said "I'm not paying." I couldn't be bothered going through the stress of going to court to get a few hundred bucks out of him, so I just let it go. I don't suggest doing this, it is a real low-down, weasel thing to do. I suggest going the Chips Away option, as they will come to you, rather than you having to get the car to them, and like I said, they're usually a hell of a lot cheaper than a crash repairer.

    Hope this helps,


  6. I don't mean to state the obvious but on here everyone seems to bag the cage drivers whenever anyone is involved in an accident. But how do you run up the ar$e of a car at traffic light FFS. Glad your not hurt BTW. Cop it on the chin and learn to filter to the front of the lights that way you only have to worry about the cars behind you.

  7. next time make sure you get their details too.
  8. Who's everyone? :roll:
  9. Your rights is to pay for the damage you caused.

    If no one was injured, you dont have to report shit to em. If you do report
    it, they'll do nothing. At worse, you may get a fine.
  10. i guess your right is to negotiate the repair price. it won't hurt to report to police imo. you had an accident, not like you've had committed a crime. maybe the police can give additional info. take it calmly no rush, hope everything is sorted out :wink:
  11. If you're on your Ls and quite young, your excess will be huge.
    Maybe even huge enough to justify suggesting to pay for the damage outside of insurance. If she is interested, you could get a quote or have her get two independent quotes and settle it with a lump sum to cover the repairs with a little extra ontop to make her happy.

    This may be a better option.
    Work out which will save you more money.
    Don't just think about excess, also think about your rating.
  12. In NSW, road transport regs state you must report it, if you are insured and want them to pay up, you must report it.

    Trust me I know!
  13. Not sure about that tweet. When I had the accident in december we didn't report it and the other guy's insurance paid for everything.

  14. The insured would have reported it, insurance companies almost always have as part of the PDS a requirement to report any accident that is not a single vehicle accident.

    I assure you the legal requirement to report it is in place if any 3rd party or property is involved.
  15. In NSW at least, if both vehicles can be driven away then Mr Plod don't need to be distracted from their important duties such as fining people for j-walking..


  16. Correction: Mr Plod must be notified within 24 hours or as soon practicable. If vehicles can be driven, and no party injured or property other than vehicles damaged, Mr Plod does not need to attend! The requirement to report the accident still exists.
  17. Tweet, I spoke to the guy involved in my accident several times during the whole time it took for the claim to settle and in one of our last conversation he said to me that he was really grateful that I didn't get the police involved as he would have lost his licence because he was on probation because of an under 15kmh fine that he got over double demerit points time.

    Also I went the night of the accident to the police station and the officer just asked me: Was anyone injured? Are both parties insured? And when I said well I was in hospital and they gave me a week off work blah blah. He said: Don't worry about reporting it. Let the insurance companies deal with it. Come back just if the other guy doesn't want to admit liability.


    His insurance company had already paid for the fixing of his car and was sending the money to my insurance company to pay for my bike and helmet.

  18. One such instance (page 26 )

    Another: Page 19 (the PDF page number)

    I don't have time to chase all the insurers. Some insurers may not pay a claim where you fail to meet legal obligations in relation to anything that may result in a claim on your policy. In NSW an accident involving any 3rd party or property of a 3rd party places an obligation upon you to report the incident to Police.