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Accident vent :-(

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Likeike, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, long time lurker here. I'm not much of a poster on many forums, I mainly just read. So I hope you don't mind me getting this pretty crappy situation of my chest, and possibly even get some advice from people who may have had similar experiences

    A couple of weeks ago headed out for an evening ride and was T-boned by a car pulling out of a side street. The accident was a hit and run and the driver left me for dead effectively. The accident left my arm in 2 pieces with my humorous breaking right on the shoulder joint, ligament damage in my foot, and some decent gravel rash from where my jacket lifted

    Needless to say I was carted off in and ambo and was hospitalised for a few days.

    In a stroke of luck, the impact of the crash knocked off the cars Reg plate. Police have since found the car but are still unable to find the driver, or for that matter the owner of the vehicle. The guy is known to them and the want him bad.

    The car luckily has CTP, coupled with the fact I have 5 independent witnesses and driver did a runner the CTP insurance are happy to pay out with him having assumed liability. All medical costs are covered which is great, but the issue I now have is with getting by bike fixed/replaced along with all my shredded protective gear.

    I only have third Party property for my bike, but I am insured for $5000 of damage by an uninsured driver.
    The issue is, because we cannot find the driver, we don't know if he has additional insurance, My insurance company understandably won't budge until thy know for sure.

    After the accident my bike was picked up and taken over 50kms to the towing company's depot and stored there. With the price ever growing I've had to fork out over $800 to get my destroyed bike taken out of their yard and dropped off at my place of work (luckily only around the corner)

    With no clear sight of ever getting this money back, and getting the bike fixed up, I'm sat at home with a broken arm, signed off work for 6 weeks and I'm just getting more wound up by the day.

    The frustrating thing is that at no point was I ever asked where do I want the bike taken to, the accident happened literally 30 seconds from my house! They could have just chucked it in my garage, but now its over 50kms away in the next town.
    My bike is also my main mode of transport to and from work, so when I do start back I could be in a bit of a pickle.

    All this because of the driver didn't have the decency to pull over. He was obviously hiding something and didn't want to get caught.

    Sorry guys, rant over,
  2. Damn man that is messed up. Hope you mend up alright mate and it all works out for you with the bike
  3. Damn, that really sucks. Clearly this guy is a bigger danger to society than first look.

    Hope you're healing well and get back on your feet soon!

    It sounds like a terrible situation and unfortunately one people can learn from and fork out the little bit extra for fully comp insurance given the idiots on our roads.
  4. Is there a Police report?

    Maybe get some legal aid advice.

    Civil suit against the driver (or at least, owner, if they can't prove they weren't driving)??
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  5. That's rather shitty! At least the plate fell off, as far as evidence goes that's your golden ticket.

    If the police have confiscated the car can that be auctioned off with proceeds going towards you? Was it worth anything?
  6. That's a sad story, I would only add get the bike transported back to you or to a place of repair. You are probably accruing storage charges.

    From the sound of it the other party is a deadbeat so if you are going to recover money from them it won't be a quick exercise. If the Police haven't been able to find them then they have probably done a runner.
  7. The police will be under pressure to locate the driver before the matter is statue barred (6 months from the time of the offence). Keep in regular contact with the officer in charge of the crash (I find email always helps here to get around the odd/irregular shifts worked). Hope it all works out in the end.
  8. Your situation sucks badly and it's all that dead beats fault but it's also a perfect example of why I strongly recommend comprehensive insurance for bikes.

    Without it you always run the risk that some no hoper will do a hit and run leaving you with the costs.
  9. Thanks guys, your feedback is much appreciated.

    This has crossed my mind actually.
    The main issue at hand is that they cannot find the owner of the vehicle. The Police have said when they do find him they will issue him with a formal demand for the driver of the vehicle.
    If the owner of the vehicle does not want to come forward, perhaps his car should be taken off him and see if that pushed things along. I can guarantee his car is worth more than my bike!

    I figured this last week, so I forked out the $800 to get it back before it gets any higher. I just hope to get it back.

    That was my thinking too, I have the officers email so I can get in contact quite easily.

    I totally understand where you are coming from, but at the time the I couldn't justify the cost of the access against the value of my bike. If I was ever in an accident that was my fault, my insurance would pat out, and for the value of my bike I'd just suck it up and buy another.

    I've thought about seeking further legal advice, but I really don't know what they could do to help the situation. The cost also would be something I'd be paying out for with to guarantee of ever getting back.
    I have spoken to my third party insurance again, and in all fairness they are speaking to the Police and trying to contact the owner of the vehicle too, I'm not holding out for much hope though.

    Thanks all.
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    Last edited: Apr 8, 2015
    Some good news finally!

    I spoke to the Police today who told me that they have caught up with the Driver of the car who has admitted it was his fault. She couldn't give me much info than that at this stage. I'm currently awaiting a phone call from the Officer in charge to give me full details.

    I feel like a heavy load has been lifted :)
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  11. Glad to hear you've got some closure and justice from this experience. Hopefully the driver gets jail time. One can only hope.
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  12. Mate don't forget once your arm has healed or even now call a solicitor. I can recommend Monaco compo lawyers. U are entitled to a payout for your injuries as well as lost income and any psychological damage etc, do not sign anything that the green slip company gives you. And do not try and go it on your own. I received a very similar injury to yours when and old biatch pulled out infront of me and my case is coming to a close and I'm looking at getting well into the six figure numbers
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  13. I would add to Basejumper's comments. Transport costs for the bike, storage costs and towing are all part of the claim against the other party. Keep all your receipts and note each of them down so you have a timetable of events to give the solicitor. Glad to hear the Police have followed this up and got the start of a resolution for you.
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  14. Hope the good news keeps going your way Likeike!
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  15. Glad to hear things are starting to work out for you mate.
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  16. Hey Guys, just a bit of an update.

    Even though we couldn't confirm if the other driver was insured, my Insurance have offered to pay out for my bike (which was declared a total loss) and the transport costs.

    The guy who knocked me off was in court a couple of weeks back. I'm unsure of his exact charges, but he did admit to the Police that he hit and run, and was driving under the influence at the time.
    He walked out of court with a $3000 fine, the Police were pretty pissed about it as am I.

    I ended up out of pocket as my insurance wouldn't cover my ruined bike gear, I have hired a solicitor to absolutely fleece the f*cker of everything I can.

    My shoulder is back together in one piece, albeit with limited movement and I'm back at work.

    Since I am now on my blacks, and the Hyosung is gone so I can remove my flame suit.
    I am back on 2 wheels and have bought myself a lovely Triumph Sprint ST 1050.
    I was a bit weary at first, but the love of riding soon comes back!

    Thanks for you support everyone!
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  17. Some good news at the pointy end of all this for you, but as everyone has said keep pushing this arsewipe needs to pay for what he has done to you I'm not a big fan of the legal frat but you should receive far more compensation for the pain and suffering, not to mention loss of income etc. After my prang I was really lucky just had enough sick leave and holidays to cover the recovery time. Full insurance covered all the out of pockets and the written off bike and now that you can pay by the month even easier to have the peace of mind that if you have a prang where you couldn't get coverage from the other party you can get back on your feet with a minimum of fuss.
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  18. Agreed mate. I'm not a compo chaser in the slightest but this has been a pretty big deal for me. I have to say though that my insurance have been fantastic, they have gone well out of thier way.
    Needless to say, I am now fully comp on my new Cycle :)
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  19. Just be aware he has voided any insurance he had, by drink driving. I think (not certain) thay his insurance will cover your vehicle, but not his. It gets messy.

    I had a truck driver write off a car, and blew medium range. In that case, he actually covered all the damage from his own pocket.
  20. Wow that is quite amazing i didn't think there would be many if any left that would face up to the responsibility and pay out of their own pocket
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