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Accident today, one dead, nobody killed.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by incitatus, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Well here is something you don't see every day. On my ride to work this morning, just before the Graham Farmer tunnel, at a point where the traffic slows for the entrance, I narrowly avoided a multi vehicle 'fender bender' of the type that happens there regularly, at least twice a week. It was the usual 'somebody braked, everybody too close series of rear-enders'. What was different about this one was that in the middle of the half dozen or so cars involved, was a hearse that had been rear-ended by a limo full of mourners!......

  2. Sir, why did you crash into the back of the hearse?

    A) I was following too closely.

    8) My brakes failed.

    C) Just making sure; before we buried him...
  3. Just as well the coffin didn't fall out, otherwise they would have had to rehearse it......
  4. FFS Paul! go hang your head in shame for that one.... :p
  5. they must have been dying to get to the burial grounds....

    eh eh eh :LOL:
  6. hehe, its like something outta one of those 70's british sitcoms
  7. well whoever made up the title to this thread should be a journo or something. then again to be a journo you'd have to be souless and full of st*t too. and you'd probably have to hate motorbikes .. so i guess thats outta the question
  8. :-k... oh I thought Paul's pun was a good'un.

    ...on the topic of driving too close though, I had a mid 50's Toorak tractor driver up my clacker whilst I was caging it today. We slowed to 35km/h, but she didn't get the message when we got back up to normal speed - again right up my tail.

    I accelerated through a roundabout and put some distance on her, but she came back up my clacker...

    I braked - she momentarily backed off but then came back up my clacker.

    So then, knowing I had a left turn coming up, indicated from miles back, slowed down - all to no response, then because there was no slip lane, had to slow almost to a stop to pull into the shopping centre driveway. The dumbarse narrowly avoided me by a metre with a hard yank on the wheel (no TND jokes thanks).

    Soon after, I see her circulating around in the carpark just as I'm pulling into my own spot. She spotted me, then thought better of pulling into the nearby car park space that was free. Hahaha. I would have had words with her too if she'd pulled in.

    Tailgating needs to be KSMA'd out of existence!!
  9. If you were in backstreets with just the 2 of you around slow right down and stop put your hazzard lights on and sit in your cage don't pull over just sit in the middle of the road then they might get it. If not then do what i do through a drink out the sunroof aimming for there windshield some reason that usally works as well
  10. took me a minute, but when i actually realised which part of the forum this was in, it finally sunk in......

    great title.....
  11. The hearse was actually hit so hard that the coffin was knocked out of it. The coffin travelled down a hill nearby, through a park, across a road and crashed through the front window of a pharmacy. The coffin knocked into the counter and the lid flew open. To the pharmacists surprise the corpse opened its eyes, sat up and said.........

    "For goodness sake, can you please give me something to stop this coffin!"