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Accident Story... Interesting

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Jun 2, 2005.

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  2. Thanks for the link. Seriously makes one think about the meaning of life.

    Wear your gear always and the inner strength of us all. I especially liked the last part about his love of his wife and girls.

    Stay safe

  3. That's a terrific link - thanks.

    I've never received the call, but have been the subject of it. The recipient says it aged her 10 years and she's never recovered. Just talking of it reduces her to tears, and it was many, many, many years ago.

    Drive safe, eh.
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  5. Hey Dan,
    Great post,
    I have had a phone call several times, my bro, and 2 mates, seperate occasions.
    thank god it was not for something as bad as in this story,

    Your heart stops when you hear the words,
    "X has crashed their bike and is in X hospital."
    The worst was a call that my little bro high sided his FZR250RR on Mt Nebo, and he had been taken to hospital, no information on his condition given.
    (Mt Nebo, and Mt Glorious, local riding road in Brisbane, nice road, but people come unstuck, I have ridden it many times and can see how,
    not much in the way saftey barriers on that road)
    Thank god for Kevlar gloves, jackets and body armour, and good quality full face helmets.
    He was bruised and sore, no breaks, but concussed and remembers nothing of that day at all.
    Jacket was worse for wear and so was his Rossi helmet.

    ps. karma added.
  6. It is worse when you ride with a group and on the day you decide to go on a different ride and then that night seeing and hearing that 3 of them had been involved in an accident with 2 other bikes, (in total there were 4 bikes and 5 people) they got hit by the 2 bikes thinking that they could ride like Rossi on public roads.

    I have never recieved "that" call yet but, but had my fiance die in my arms after being hit by a drink driver, I was following him as we were going somewhere that i was unsure of, and even after all this time it is still with me.....

    Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious, beautiful roads to ride, love them but also respect them, there have been to many bikers lose their life up there, and unfortunately with some of them it has been their own fault.
  7. I might be going on a group ride up there on the weekend (my first time up there), so I'll keep that thought in mind.

  8. I can briefly relate to the accident, as my accident involved a holden station wagon doing a 3 point turn on the tourist rd at Mt Dandy. I came around the corner braked and the rest was history...only i avoided the car and walked away with minor injuries.
  9. Hey Dan it will be a good ride............have fun and let us know what you think of it.............:)
  10. Hey Dan one thing to watch out for is a blue ute that has been seen doing the rounds up there with 2 guys in it, the drive UNDER the speed limit, and wait until you get really pissed off with them and overtake, then get you for speeding and then all depends about where you are double white lines as well, it happened to a couple of mates about 8 weeks ago
  11. Thanks for the reminder dan, was well overdue (have been slacking off with pants on a couple of occasions).
    Denim will disintegrate in the first 10 yards of a skid. After that, it's all skin and flesh.

    + Karma
  12. crikey! For a second I thought you were gonna say "...with a shotgun under their seat and they wait for you to overtake..." - visions of Easy Rider. :LOL: :LOL:

    thanks anyway Susan, I'll keep an eye out.