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Accident repair advice

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by koma, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. So there i was... having a decent day and going to inspect another house just off Brunswick St when i was waiting to turn right behind some mid-80's shitbox and the 'tard decides to go forwards about a foot, then reverse up! I was sitting about a metre behind where she decided to stop and drop it into reverse but didn't have the time to get out of the way.

    The result was her knocking the bike over sideways (weird angle she reversed at), smashing my front left indicator and scuffing up the front panel around it. Anyway, bike knocked over on its right hand side leaving me with my ankle trapped underneath and my pillion (my girlfriend) lying on the road with a sore bum and shoulder. I eventually got my ankle out from underneath when my girlfriend realised it was trapped and started shouting at the driver and passenger standing in the road.

    The aftermath; spent the afternoon going to the docs & then the Royal Melb for some x-rays which thankfully turned out clean. The damage to the bike is what im concerned about now...
    - LHS front indicator smashed (original '92 FZR part)
    - RHS front indicator scuffed up plastic rear (again... original)
    Intending to replace both with aftermarket
    - RHS bar end scuffed and messed up
    Will see if it can be sanded and repainted, otherwise replace.
    - Exhaust can with nice large dent and deep scratches
    Anyone know who can repair an already repaired stainless steel exhaust can? It's a custom jobby so probably not easy to repair.
    - LHS fairing scuffed and paint exhanged
    - RHS fairing scuffed and scratched from hitting ground
    - Helmet scuffed and scratched on back & rear RHS (must've hit the ground)
    Anyone know where i stand on this one? It's my beloved Shoei so i don't like the fact its now damaged and maybe compromised.

    So after coming to terms with the pain and getting the bike home that's the list as it stands. I haven't even removed the fairings yet but i'm not expecting to find anything else damaged. I managed to ride it home from the incident without any mechanical gremlins so all should be ok.

    So... what do i do? We exchanged details... and said i'll contact her when i find out how much the repair bill is going to be. So do i go and get a few quotes? I've been told that to quote on repairs is $50-60 if i don't take the work there; is this normal?
    Any advice or words of wisdom?

  2. report it first. go to the police and report the accident so that it is at least on file, in case nothing comes of hte other party later. did you get any other witnesses names etc? although your girlfriend witnessed it, she is not considered impartial.

    then get your quotes. and follow her up formally with a letter. some places may charge you to quote as this cost them time, but this is a cost that should be passed onto the fault party, if you can not avoid it.

    but report it. it could easily turn into a story of you running up the back of her!!
  3. Thanks for the advice twoguns.
    I did go into the copshop which amusingly enough was about 50m away from the incident! He's given me his card and said that if i wanted to make a formal statement and have charges pressed or action taken then to contact him back directly; very helpful guy.

    As for witnesses, im kicking myself now for not getting the details of the cab driver that offered to call an ambo... but i've got my girlfriend, aswell as the other person had two friends in the car at the same time who were very cooperative. The owner of the store that it happened outside of also saw it so i've got him if i do need to get a statement/additional witness.

    I've contacted my insurance company and been advised to go get a few quotes and to send them over to the other person. I guess until then it's fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. Just shopping around for replacement bits on ebay/bikebiz/etc, but i'm going to have to go get the quotes done tomorrow hopefully.
  4. yeah, good luck with it koma. reporting it does not necessarily mean charges but you then at tleast have the incident on file, in case of anything later.

    if you can not get it sorted, then hand it over to the police your insurance, and they will sort it for sure.
  5. Charges would seem unlikely - even in something as obvious as your case. After all, you're on a bike. :p

    Bad luck again mate, not a whole lot you can do in that sort of situation. Maybe some ramming spikes are a worthwhile upgrade? ;)
  6. Cnat you see about getting the fairings repaired????

    I had mine fixed on my old bike and they were just like new.

    Bummer bout the stack.
  7. Well oddly enough the copper said that there would be charges placed against her if i wanted to follow it through... something about unsafe reversing. He mentioned a $180 fine for it...

    As for getting the fairings fixed... my bike had a bit of existing damage from the previous owners oopsy, so dividing the line between that damage and the new damage might be tricky. I do have photo's of my bike before this incident... but that's like asking which scratch do you want repaired and which one left there? I was thinking of respraying and fixing up the side fairings anyway, so this has given me the encouragement (and financial assistance) i needed.

    Awee... this one doesn't count as a stack, it was stationary! Otherwise my stack tally would be up to 3. :oops: I still reckon my stack count is at 1.
  8. Chances are, she has talked to some friends and will claim you ran into her since it's your front and her rear damaged. (hell, I would)

    This will result in you getting a neg driveing and be up for repairing thier car and your bike.

    Maybe I am a bit cynical, but it's happened before and you all be careful.
  9. Find a repairer you trust or has been recommended to you.

    Take it there. Give the bike to them with instructions quote for full repair & restoration to the way it was.

    You do not have to shop around.
    The lady has two choices based on cost:
    1) Pay cash if it's cheap enough.
    2) Claim 3rd party property insurance if cost is too high for cash.

    You can take it to a Yamaha dealer if you want, ask for genuine parts - it's all her responsibility (helmet included - just the same as if someone rear-ends you and you have a TV in the boot... they pay for it. It's 3rd party property not 3rd party vehicle insurance).

    You're perfectly within your rights to have the same quality of motorcycle as you had before some retard reversed without looking.

    If she has no 3rd party insurance / is paying cash, then it's nice of you to settle for aftermarket stuff, but certainly do NOT waste your time shopping around.

    Find a place you trust. Give them the work.

    --[from the sounds of it there are enough witnesses to stop this getting turned around on you: besides which, if you really did hit up the back of her, why didn't she report it immediately in such a clear cut case? ]--