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accident on Thursday morning near picton sydney

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by chickibabe, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. I know this off the topic, but any information would be great.
    on Thursday morning 13/07/06 there was a fatal truck accident near piction involving two trucks. Well one of the drivers was our best mate, I'm away at the moment and we are just trying to find out some information regarding to it. When we left sydney on Thursday morning we noticed that Picton Road was closed but didn't think anything of it then we got the call on Friday morning. I have looked on the net but nothing, So if anyone can give me any info on this would be great. We are just trying to put together what has happened to our best mate.

    Thanks in advance friends
  2. i remember the news report, i believe one of the drivers was thrown from the cab in the acident.
  3. Sorry to hear about your mate. I always used to cop a lot of flack for wearing a seat belt in a truck, but so many deaths are caused by not wearing a belt in a truck.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Thanks guys we are back in sydney now so we know a little more. And that was our mate's biggest mistake of not wearing a seat belt. Thanks again Cheers Lou
  5. chick, get onto the Illawarra Mercury office (Wollongong newspaper) and ask them for the back issues from the last few days; they wrote it up extensively, if a little on the hysterical side.....
  6. Hi there guy's well thanks for that hornet600. We are having a service for him on Wednesday as he is being taken back to northern QLD. We do know now that he didn't fall asleep like we all thought to start with he had a heartattack. So he had passed away before being thrown from the truck. I will get onto the newpaper tomorrow.
    Cheers Lou
    keep it safe
  7. Hay guys I just needed to write this down for closure. Well we said see you later to our mate today. I think this was the hardest day for my hubby. But we have had a laugh and a cry with all our mates which is good. So thank you to all that posted.

    Keep it safe and see you out there
    Cheers Lou