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Accident on putty today?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Prawns, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. heard on my scanner a bike accident involving 4 bikes on putty road around 3pm?... hope everybody came out ok?

  2. man that sucks hope everybody is alright that is involved. (dont know anybody from here going up the putty today tho)
  3. Sound real nasty. Here's hoping they survived. Hoepfully deathwish and his crash buddies will listen to this and have a think.

    I know when we were riding up to Berowra yesterday and I saw the accident on the Pacific Hwy, and what looked like a mangled bike, I was saying "No, No, No" under my breath until I got closer and thankfully it was a car engine block.

    The demon is out there and it is always hungry!
  4. No no no, im not listening. And who the fck are my crash buddies? I dont personally know anyone from here!
  5. This may sound newbie, but where is "Putty"?

    I was at Loftus Oval at 3pm having a smoke before riding thou the RNP and saw ambos flying pass and choppers in the air, dnt know if this has anything to do with it, but yea anywayz.

    Hope there alright.
  6. The putty extends from windsor to broke in the hunter valley (near cessnock) the acco was at the broke end, just as you start to get into the good stuff
  7. Actually the Putty ends at Bulga, and passes through to Singleton. Broke is well past the fabulous Ten-Mile and off the Putty Road proper...
  8. You and the other "Where is the best stretch of road to do 1 million k's an hour" nimrods.

  9. Mmmmmmm, Time Travel.

  10. You only need 88mph to time travel.

    At least in the DeLorean. :)

    But seriously I hope the riders involved in the accident are all okay.
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  12. Yes it's people we know

    A couple aren't good but not life threatening
  13. The number of times I hear about a bike accident somewhere close... makes me sad, and really really scares me as well
  14. I ride safer at 220kph than some people at 80 :roll:
  15. What a dumbarse comment to make...! He[she's?] already said they don't know anyone from here...or are you just making a backhanded genralisation about anybody that can ride faster than you!
  16. I don't think gegvasco's comments are stupid. I think they are just concerned about a fellow rider and the reputation of motorcycling generally.
  17. What do you mean "not stupid"? He makes a genralised comment inreference to any biker that likes to stretch their steeds legs...why don't we all buy vespa's & sit on 60kph, maybe that would make all the nana's happy!
  18. If you decide to "stretch your legs" on a public road, which was the exact intent of the original thread, then I stand by my comment that you are a moron. Because as far as I'm concerend if you are going to mix up extremely high speeds with public roads, uncontrolled conditions and traffic then you shouldn't have a licence. You're going to f%^&ing kill someone!

    I have no problem whatsoever with someone going to a track day and going as fast as they and their machine can go. In fact I will be doing it myself soon. So it has nothing to do with anyone being faster than me. Good on em if they are. It really doesn't matter to me. I know my limitations and have no problem with people stretching/extending theirs as long as they do it in the right place and don't take everyone's lives in their hands.

    The difference of opinion here solely lies in what is and isn't acceptable on public roads. Nothing else.
  19. I remember early last year? (I think it was), someone was *stretching their legs* on a country road.

    The kombi didn't see them and pulled out, the person/bike combo cut the van in half..
  20. lets not bullshit here and get to the crux of the matter
    Puuty road , reefton , black spur , the naso's and all thoise other areas like that motorcyclists dont go there to look at the scenery and if you say you do then you are full of shit.
    Riders go to those places to let rip ., do some peg scratching , remove the chicken strips what ever you want to call it .
    They go there to have a fang and let rip.
    I now avoid going up to marysville on the weekends because of the weekend cock heads that pull there bikes out the garage and get together with a bunch of mates and go stupid.
    you are coming around a corner to find some fcuk bag on a R1 or sports bike on your side of the road because he cant handle his bike.

    why are there so many accidents in places like that , its the tossers that recon they are little valentino rossis .

    everyone has some fun , christ i do as well but lets not say motorcyclist are angels and it not there fault , when you go too those places you go for one reason and one reason only and its not to enjoy the scenery.