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Accident on Monash

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by firefling, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. Thought I saw a motorbike accident on Monash today. Looked like a red VFR was pulled over in the emergency lane in centre although it could be the rider stopped to help. Ambulance was there. Hard to see what the cause or if there was anybody as traffic was banked up and too busy dodging cars. Anybody know any further information?

  2. oh what you actually went to work today??? thought you would be up the country again seems it's not raining :p
  3. :LOL: Nah, I had my fun yesterday and all weekend. Time to make a bit of money from all that I spent over the weekend
  4. Hey firefling, yea... that was me.

    I just got home.

    Damn I'm a f*cking fool. I was on my way to uni for the morning lecture, and it was fine I was riding in the right lane. I kept a heap of distance to the car in front of me. Anyways so as I looked ahead the cars start to slow down very quickly, so I reach for the brakes, and everything went wrong, really fast.

    I think I had a tank slapper or something, but I lowsided. I lowsided going in a straight line...

    My fu*king stupid poor braking ability.

    As I came over and hit the ground, I started to roll once, and all I thought was stop rolling and slide with my back to the ground. I slid from what the ambos said, i went for about 50 metres before I stopped.

    I remember staggering up and getting off the road. Cars everyone stopped. I was staggering on my feet, and people stopped to come out and got the bike off the road. They helped me sit down. I said, I was okay, I didn't need an ambo, and suddenly I think from shock or whatever I went unconcious.

    Then right when I woke up again praying it was all a bad dream, I had that dazed sensation. People asked me questions to check I was okay, and I answered all right, but then I went under again. It felt like a really good nap. Then I came up, and thought "No..."

    So I stayed awake after that feeling really dazed. By the time the ambos came I was still sitting up, feeling numb. They checked me over, I was fine, grazed right knee, that knee's seen better days. I was fine, they asked if i needed to go to the hospital, I said no.

    I checked my bike. I had another accident three months ago. Was brand new from the repairs. Now, right fairing snapped in half. A piece is probably still lying somewhere on the median strip. And the oil check window was cracked, oil was seeping from it.

    Gave AAMI a ring, thinking how I just finish paying my previous excess not even a month ago. Asked for a tow truck to the nearest aami depot.

    So I sat there and waited. Sitting on the cheese grater fence, another lucky point, how I didn't come carving myself through it. Just letting the wind blow through my hair thinking. And I came to a decision, I just have to give it up.

    Some of the best times of my life in the past year was on the bike, riding the twisties, being part of some of the truely great rides with you netriders. But when I look at it, I keep thinking, even if I kept reading, practicing, doing more courses, I'm just a f*cking clumsy idiot, and it's going to happen again.

    Tow truck driver came, picked it up and we went to AAMI. He was telling me stories of how many bikes he's came to pick up. Just yesterday he had one, the guy from his hips downwards was just screwed up, he'd never walk in the same way again. He said, get rid of it.

    AAMI, gees... no insurance company would be happy with two accidents within a few months.

    Dazza's right from what he said a couple months back, I'd have to shout him a beer if I see him again.

    Coming off at 100km/h and walking away with a sore leg, that's got to tell you something.

    You've got different personality traits for riders, i was the stupid dumb bloody person whom should not be on a bike in the first place.

    But I guess this is probably my last post on this forums. Move on I suppose.

    Cheers everyone, its been fun.
  5. That's real sad mate. We've all been there. I hope you get back on the horse soon. :(
  6. first off glad you ok, sorry to hear about giving up riding though.... best of luck

    cheers stewy
  7. true.... have you ever considered the bike as a bit fun on the weekend rather then a mode of transport? thats one of my biggest questions to myself at the moment. will i ride to work. i know the roads well and could avoid peak traffic which would be the only way i do ride to work(only 10kms) hope you don't have to leave the site mate. but whatever makes it easier for you i suppose.

    out of question how long have you been riding? maybe just some practice? i really think if you cant do absolutely anytype of manouvering comfortably then you did pick the wrong mode of transport or just need more practice before you commit to it.

    Good luck with what you choose
  8. Don't be so bloody stupid Tak!!! Get back on the bike and learn from it. What happened to you could have happened to soooo many people. The only reason you would be a "stupid dumb bloody person" is if you give up on the bike and netrider. You have alot of people here at netrider that can, and will support you and give some advice or tips if you ask for them. Just don't walk away from something that you use to be passionate about :x !!!
    Consider yourself told and I hope to see you out and about on the bike in the near future :D!!
  9. Geez bloke, a bit drastic eh?

    Sorry to hear about your off, but we all have them, it helps us learn - our limits amongst other things.

    This has only happened this morning. Give it some more thought before you throw the towel in and let it beat you.

    AND SUMMER'S COMIN - What will you do with yourself???

    You know you're going to kick yourself in the ass everytime the sun's out, and other riders are whizzin past....

    But its totally your choice, just make sure its the right one for you.
  10. By the sounds of things 1 of 2 things happened.....

    1. You grabbed a fistfull of brakes too fast and hard for the tyre to compress properly and so it lost grip.


    2. Your front ran over something (debris, oil, etc) just as you applied the brakes.

    Good to hear you're ok although it would probably be wise to let a doctor check you out if you were blacking out.

    And don't neccesarily listen to tow truck drivers. Remember they generally only see cars and bikes at their worst. So their view on the world is going to be very skewed in that regard.
  11. Good to see your alright but if you lost conciousness for a short time you really should've gone into hospital for a proper check up. If only to check out the cute nurses who work in the Emergency Departments of our hospitals and the ride in an ambulance.

    Seriously anyone who gets knocked out in anyway should be a proper once over in hospital and I'm sure the medics in here will agree with me.

    If you feel strange in anyway this arvo for goodness sake get it looked at.
  12. Confidence a bit shaken, eh?
    That's quite understandable, but give it a week or so before you decide to throw the towel in.

    I endorse Deb and Karen's viewpoint. Think about the grins, and use this as a learning experience. When the shock has worn off, you may twig how it all turned to merde, and be able to avoid that situation next time.

    Tak, blowing your nose can cause an anurism. Everything is dangerous. Smart people manage the risks.
  13. Now I might be wrong here (yes, it's been known!) but I never heard of a tankslapper under brakes. The only ones I've heard of have been when the front end is a bit light under acceleration. And they more often result in a highside than a lowside.

    So I'm guessing it wasn't a tank slapper.

    I think it's unlikely that just grabbing a handful of brakes would cause a sudden and castrophic loss of traction, unless your front tyre was *really* shagged.

    If it felt like a tank slapper, I'd guess you ran over something as you hit the brakes. A little bit of plastic will do it if you're braking hard. If it was a little to one side of your tyre contact patch, then the unbalanced loss of friction might well have thrown the 'bars a bit to one side, thus causing feeling of the front end wiggling and at the same time prompting the sudden lowside.

    That could happen to just about anyone.

    If you want to stop riding because something as unlikely as this might happen again, that's your call.

    But don't walk away blaming yourself.
  14. take my advice for what you will, but I would recommend sitting for a while before you definitively decide to give up riding. Reassess your options when your thoughts are not clouded with your recent off - maybe in 2 days, maybe in 2 weeks or more.
  15. Hey Tak,

    Take whatever time you need to get over the shock of what happened but please don't make any permanent decisions until you have had some time to come to terms with things.

    If the decision to get rid of the bike is the right one for you then it will still be the right decision in a month or two. If it isnt then a snap decision while you are still sore and angry with yourself could be something you will later regret.

    Having an off sucks but then, any accident you can walk away from and no-one else was hurt is sometimes the best outcome you can hope for. The bike can be repaired, you will heal and there is a whole community here wishing you well.
  16. Ahh takagawa, sorry for not stopping, but by the time I "saw" your accident, it was in my peripheral vision and mirrors and looked like I'd just be a nosey onlooker.

    As to your accident, your bike didn't look that bad, it can be fixed. You can't. But you walked away from there with a grazed knee and concussion? Count yourself lucky you didn't end up underneath a car.

    But seriously, learn from your mistakes. Get back on your bike (when it's fixed) and practise your emergency braking in an empty carpark. Learn the limits of what your bike can and cannot do.

    I got psyched out when 2 people fell in front of me and seriously thought of giving up riding for a while but I'm glad I didn't. If you need help, netriders are here to help.
  17. Tak,
    Never give up, If I had done that after the first couple of prangs I had then I would have stopped riding years ago. But here I am still riding and loving it all the more.
    Give yourself time, assess the damage to you and the bike and then have another look at it.
    I was without a bike for 4 years and I was a grumpy bugger for the 4 years. Never again I can tell you.
    You really should have gone to the hospital if you were blacking out. Make sure you are around people this afternoon and evening so they can look after you.

  18. hope everything goes well for you tak,

    just a general question to everyone...in tak's case would it have been better to stomp on the rear brake just before clamping down on the front?

    just wanna know wat's good for quick stopping while going at 100km/h?
  19. Tak,

    1. It's only a mistake if you don't learn from it.

    2. How can you learn from it if you give up on it?

    3. The only possible way of it being a mistake is if you give up on it.

    4. Give it some time before you make the decision.

    5. Don't argue with Foxy's logic, it's very rare that I am logical.

    You'll get all the help and support you need on this forum.

    Maybe have a rest from it for a while.
    Get your bike fixed but don't get rid of it!
    Wait for that moment when the urge comes back to you to get back on it. If you get rid of it before then you'll regret not having the bike around when you are really missing it.
    Perhaps do a couple of further riding courses.

    Don't give up.

    Best of luck

  20. Thanks everyone. Yea I was wondering if it was a tank slapper or not, because I was breaking. Now that I remember, when I was sitting down looking across the road, there were a few bits of tyre around, so I may have went over one when I was braking. I think I was braking a little hard, but I don't think it was a full grab.

    But seriously I feel like a retard.

    I'm in bed now, I got a little headache, maybe I should get a checkup hmm. But looking at my bike afterwards, after having it fixed and all perfect, and just got it serviced just two weeks ago, I felt really angry with myself.

    Btw, about my gear. The draggin jeans are seriously a skin saver. When I came off, my knee hit first and bounced once again as I rolled. The black part of the jean is just it bits, and it stopped at the kevlar. Similar with my Alpine Star gloves, went through the leather on my palm, but stopped at the synthetic material inside (didn't make it to the kevlar underneath). During the slide bit, the backside area held up, didn't break through the black jean material.

    My dririder nordic 4 jacket, god I just bought it five days ago, at the sleeve and shoulder the outer black layer underwent so much friction, it melted, but stopped right underneath in the white synthetic lining.

    And finally my Shark helmet, the back of my head hit the road first. So the vents at the back are smashed, the shell scratched but held together. But from how I felt how hard my head hit the ground, I think it did its job and its time to retire it. Only little more than a month old, is that a record or something?

    But anyways, I'm still thinking about what to do with riding. I'll take my time mulling over it a bit. But sheer luck, no cars or trucks ran over me. Parents are gonna go crazy when I tell them.