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accident in ringwood?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by xcamx, May 19, 2006.

  1. Don't try going through Ringwood on maroondah hwy anytime soon,
    Bad accident at deep creek rd intersection.

    Half the hwy closed off and traffic not moving.

    Hopefully not a fatality
  2. DAMN, It's in traffic like that i'm glad i bought a bike
  3. There was a black VFR800 lying on it's side, or a similar type of looking bike. :cry: As well as two destroyed cars.
  4. UH OH, i didnt want to hear that
  5. Bad Accident Tonight Ringwood

    just got home from work and my mum told me that there had been a bad crash on Deep Creek Rd ringwood... three cars and a motorbike, with the 25yr motorbike rider killed at the scene. they had driven past but don't no how true the details they were told are. she said she hasn't heard anything on the news. has anyone heard anything???? got alot of mates in the area just trying to call them all now.
  6. Fark!!! Not good to hear this, Hope the info was wrong, if not condolences to family & friends!
  7. hope everything is all well for ya jadey. my deepest sympathy's go out to everyone involved :cry:
  8. Last week I heard from a friend that someone he didn't know died from a heart attack. But there was nothing in the news about it
  9. well got on2 my mate he is all good, he rode past after it happened looked pretty bad. you never think things will happen to u or ur loved ones, it hits pretty hard sometimes. my heart goes out to the friends and fam. it sux. spose u can't argue when ur time is up, tho i'll give it my best shot!
  10. WTF has this got to do with this thread? Insensitive replies not required!
  11. thanks ross,

    didn't see that when i put the post up. spose i didn't really look. silly me
  12. u got every rite to post up this thread if u were worried about things tonight jadey :wink: ur heart would have been pounding at a rate of knots when u got home, i dun blame ya babe
  13. Yep for sure, wasn't "havin' a go" at all ... was just pointing out that there were 2 threads running on the same subject is all, (more for the mods benefit than anything else) :)
  14. Who was being insensitive?
    We don't know what happened so why speculate? Even the original poster wasn't sure what happened. and it was finally clarified later in this thread
    this sort of thing has been done to death and frankly unless it is a netrider or a netrider associate must we post about every rider death we have dug up or heard of etc?
    this has been debated at lenght ad nauseum and if you bothered to do a search of rider down threads at one stage it became flavour of the month to post rider down etc etc for deaths in america even.
    Where does it stop?
  15. yeh i think a few people where concerned tonight about the situation. dun worry mate, u wernt pushin anyones buttons ross :)
    my thoughts go out to everyone involved and there families.
  16. Who speculated? Who clairified what happened? I see nothing of either.

  17. Speculation from a disjointed thread and some of the pieces were put together later.
    We still don't know for sure what happened so why speculate until we hear something concrete.
  18. Any details about this yet?? :?
  19. gee i hope no one hurt