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Accident help [nsw]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by vnblueberry, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Hi there guys,

    Firstly please forgive me if this is the wrong section to post in. Ive been looking around the forum and cant find anywhere else more suitable.

    I recently got into an accident on a Sydney road. The driver is at complete fault. I thankfully decided to wear my protective boots on the day (was highly considering wearing sneakers). I escaped with a broken leg and a damaged ligament. Painful experience, and I intend to retell my story to NR in order to save more lives and/or damage.

    However I am really unclear on how the insurance/court side of things come into play. As I said, the driver was completely at fault. There are several issues that I wish to ask if

    1. Damage to my bike (ridden off) and damaged clothing (ambulance cutting off shirts, jeans, helmet, gloves etc)
    2. Medical costs (operation, physio etc)
    3. I booked a holiday however don't think I will recover by then
    4. Any legal costs of getting a lawyer etc
    5. Uni deferment costs (i cant get to uni with one leg @_@)

    As I really want to stress my experience as one of being completely lucky, ALL RIDERS PLEASE WEAR FULL GEAR ALL THE TIME. It takes 2 minutes to put on, but during an accident will last for 2 seconds. Those 2 seconds will save your life or minimize injury.

    Thanks again for your help!!
  2. im assuming you have the details of the other driver, their insurance details etc?

    just contact their insurance company, and lodge a claim. if you are fully insured, you can just contact your people, and they will sort it out. otherwise probably need to get a repair quote or 3 from a mechanic, for their insurance co.


    doubt you can do much regarding the holiday and missing uni, short of cancelling/shifting the booking. if you were desperate or it was a $5000 holiday non-refundable, then maybe some sort of civil action?

    either way, good luck, heal quick :)
  3. Glad you arn't too badly damaged
    1. Other parties insurance (if you are insured then claim on yours, let the insurance company do the chasing)
    2. Their third party insurance
    3. See if you can recover any costs for bookings etc, And talk to your legal beaver.
    4. If the liability is as clear cut as you say, then most(I think) legal stuff will be recovered from other parties third party eventually.
    5. No idea.
    Main thing find a good legal beaver NOW.
    Someone on the forum is bound to know of a good one.

    I type too slow...see above
  4. Im no expert but my friend was in a bad accident.

    your bike is either covered by the other drivers insurance or u have to make him/take him to court to make him pay for the bike and may cover clothes gear.

    holiday bad luck, this is where holiday insurance comes in.

    uni deferment bad luck, i dont thinks it cost anything to defer other than lost time ect.

    Now for medical bills is cover by medicare,
    If someone else is at fault and u receive a payment/compensation to be determined by someone from TAC/insurance/court, then medical bills are deducted from your tac settlement including any legal bills.
  5. There is no TAC in NSW. TAC is Victorian CTP and will cover Victorians when interstate but is not relevent to a NSW driver/rider.

    It's also worth noting that [NSW] should be added to the topic title or this thread will be deleted.

    To answer your question as best I can, Insurance will cover you for your bike, gear and medical costs (assuming the other party was at fault) but your holiday and uni costs are something you will have to wear. :)
  6. You should get legal advice about the holiday and uni costs - generally you won't be charged for the first visit.
  7. Get AMCN / Two wheels.
    There are 3 solicitors who advertise in these mags.
    They ride bikes.
  8. Just lodge a claim with your insurance co. Oh wait. Sounds like you thought insurance was someone else responsibility. :roll:
    Also its rare that someone is 100% at fault. Why do you say the other party was?

    Glad you're not any more banged up than you are and I wish you a speedy recovery.
  9. Through your insurance first.

    If you are not insured, then try contacting their insurance company. I they frig you around send a letter of demand to the person.

    If you are still being frigged around, go to a lawyer.

    I don't like your chances on Uni and the Holiday. You can still go to both, but it's just not convenient (devil's advocate).