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Accident -Bogong High Plains Rd, Tues 29 Dec

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rsser, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. Wonder if anyone saw it or the aftermath.

    Was about 5 mins from the Omeo Hway junction, about 11.30 am.

    I was knocked off my bike and unconscious and have no memory of what happened. Any info would be welcome.

    There was a group of riders strung out coming uphill, and some I think helped load my yellow and black Fireblade onto the tray of a red 4WD. The driver took me and the bike into Omeo.

    Thanks to those who helped - while I came to at the scene it was some time before sense returned so please don't mistake no wits for no gratitude.

  2. How are you now?
    Considering you are typing this you were not seriously injured?
  3. One wrist was badly broken; 3 days in hospital and two surgeries on it. Could've been much worse.
  4. you say you where knocked off your bike? so did u get hit by someone or u fell over yourself from a wobble or something?
  5. All the indications are that I was hit and its poss that I pulled up before fainting.

    There's little damage to the bike that wasn't caused by being laid down on the 4WD tray for the trip to Omeo.
  6. What hit you, did any one see it happen,
    Most people are rattled after a stack, so dont worry about having no wits, hahahahaha its the way it is,
    We all jump in to help when a bike goes down, thats the way it is, also, so dont worry about the gratitude, we know you need help so we do it,
    Six weeks you will be riding again.
  7. Thanks Brian,

    Having been KO'd I have no memory of the hit which is why I started the thread.

    It would help me learn from the incident if I could get an account from the guys who were there.

    I'm assuming the TAC process will be enough with the police report done back at Omeo.
  8. That sux mate, sorry to hear your predicament. Keep bumping the thread, but i imagine that anybody who was up there would be back home by now, so if they were going to find this they would of by now.

    Hope you heal nice and fast so you can get back out there.
  9. there was a lot of bikes in that area when we went through on the 30th....i am with cheffie keep bumping it over the next few weeks

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery
  10. Thanks guys. Appreciate your good wishes.
  11. Update:

    Turns out the collision was with another rider. He was avoiding an oncoming 4WD on his side of the road, and in correction came across to mine.

    He reported it to Tallangatta Police on the day.

    Admits fault.

    We have come to an agreement on costs.

    Honour among riders.

    Added: Full marks to Mark Britton of Omeo VicPol for joining the dots.
  12. good stuff, pleased to hear that on all fronts (y)
  13. I think a cheer is in order for the rider for not only coming infront and report about the incident to the cops (tallangatta copshop), but also accepting his mistake. You rarely come across people like them.

    Good to hear you came out of it all fine :)
  14. Integrity? In this century? Amazing, and great to hear.
  15. What! Yeah great guy, he hits you and then rides off.. What a legend.

    Has an attack of the guilts later and goes to report it.

    Good that he's come forward but maybe it he stopped at the time you could of avoided injury and stress.
  16. How do you know he wasn't one of the ones who helped? The OP has no recollection of the incident. Good to hear you're ok and that the other rider did the right thing.
  17. Tallangatta is a long way from Omeo. Why didn't the rider stay around and chat to Omeo police about it? As is required by law, by the way...

    Anyway it's good that the chap owned up. Not many out there these days who have an opportunity to do a runner will do so, unfortunately.
  18. It is possible that, in the shock and confusion following the incident (and assuming he stopped) that he simply didn't think of making a report until some time afterwards. It happens.
    Sounds like the 4WD got away with it though.