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Accident at Zagame today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Removed_User_5, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Hey,
    On a friday Lil and I are developing a habit of test riding Ducati's.
    Today whilst her chain and sprockets were getting replaced we took the 749 out for a run, well nearly.

    john rolled it out front onto the drive and we got our helmets and sh-it sorted out.
    This woman in a 4x4 scenic thing walked past the bike jumped in her tractor and reversed into it, knocking it onto the ground as I looked on.
    I ran round to her window and knocked on it as she was turning to pull out.
    She got out and apologised.

    Bust fairing, brake lever, mirror , brake lever, cover scrached and some other cosmetic stuff.
    She asked if it was an expensive bike.......I said look at the showroom......Lotus.....Ducati.....Hmmmm

    "well you shouldt have parked it there" she said
    My feet got itchy and i felt riverdance coming on......then John came out and smiled and said "its ok just need your insurance and they can sort it out"
    She wasnt pleased at all as she thought she would have no responsibility for knocking it over.

    Anyway......never got to go out on that one. Another time !
  2. I bet the old man will spit chips when he hears about it tonight !
  3. AAhhhhhhhh - admission of liability, I love it !
  4. sorry to hear about the accident, always hurts to hear when a bike that nice gets damaged :(

    why is it always women in 4x4s?

    Pfffff.... People suck. I mean, I hate them. They're stupid, and they suck.

    /myself included
    //but this is an excellent example.
  6. There was a 'study' published in the USA a couple of years ago which I'll post if I can find it. It basically concluded that those attracted to SUVs suffered from the usual mix of insecurity and narcissism. :shock: :wink:

    It was actually quite entertaining though...
  7. Told 'ya all that he is falling under woman's influence!!! :LOL: :LOL:
  8. i was under the impression that if you hit a stationary vehicle, it is your fault, doesn't even matter if it's illegally parked.

    Could be wrong, but guess the insurance companies will battle that out though
  9. I can agree im falling under the womans influence when thinking of a duke.........whos influence where you under......?

    :grin: :)
    You should come out next week roamer.....im sure we can fix you too :wink:
  10. Hey Stookie,
    You might have seen my future bike on the floor at Zagame :p
  11. Oh dear.....
    Ducati Fairing = $$$$
  12. Shouldnt have parked it there :shock: im thinking should have been looking where she was going :cool:
  13. i love that sort of comment " well you shouldnt have parked it there."

    so what? you have right of way.. and why is that??? did god give you a note to show me to tell me you are his next great invention??

    mole, you have no more or less rights as a human than i do.. im on a bike, and i have the priverledge of being allowed to put it on the sidewalk weather that fits into your life plan or not.. now give me ya ferkin insuyrance details before i call the cops cause im about to defend myself cause you got out of the car all pissed off..

    i hate people with the attitude "it was in my way.. you shouldnt have put it there.. " who died and made you king? really shits me.
    its lucky you guys werent actually sitting on the bike.. or standing too close to it when you were gearing up.. i hope you pointed that out to her...

    and its sad to head of a nice bike going down before someone gets to get some kind of pleasure out of it.
  14. Gosh! As G says $$$ probably upwards of $4.5k worth - hopefully it taught the stupid creature a lesson and she will look out for bikes in the future. Particularly Dukes :grin:

    Livingstonest: There was also a lovely study done by AAMI on 4 x 4 drivers over here with a story published in The Age http://www.theage.com.au/news/national/slob-more-than-slick/2005/09/26/1127586799573.html

    Unfortunately, its time to 'fess up here, before someone like G exposes me. I drive a 4 x 4 and probably fall into the "born to shop" category mentioned in the above story. I wish anyway. I cannot understand why most people who drive them are so bad at it - there seems to excuse for it. The visibility is fantastic, very few blind spots and of course I do use the mirrors, head check and my indicators weren't an optional accessory so I use them, always and watch the traffic as if I was riding a bike - its just a devil to lane split with! Buts it really good for dragging boys in Utes at the lights. I generally get an earful from Husband about my fuel consumption versus his!

    The way I look at it, I ride a bike - that seems unpopular with the driving public, so I might as well make myself truly unpopular and drive a 4 x 4 and try and get my own back (just joking).

    Slinks away again.
  15. So if i put stuff behind peoples cars, a shopping trolley for example and they reverse into it. Legally the shopping trolley had right of way cause it was statinoary?
    and the thug in the car ran into it ?
  16. If your involved in an accident never ever admit it was your fault (even if it clearly was) or apologize.
  17. While true, what a ridiculous world we've forged for ourselves, eh? :(
  18. Do you have nothing better to do than post on netrider at 12.34 in the morning?
  19. It was either this or work on my tan. Wasn't that hard a decision to make actually.

  20. Sadly...nup!