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Accident at Rosebud many pics

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. I witnessed an accident down at Rosebud involving car and bike complete with helicopter and ambulances.
    Poor guy on a VTR sp 1or 2 tboned a car that failed to give way.
    He hit the rear passenger door on the drivers side and flew over the car.
    Unfortunately his neck caught the top of the door and his jugular was opened up. (In the pic if you look close you will see a bit of "gore" where his neck impacted)
    He would have bled to death if not for the quick thinking citizens (one a doctor on holiday) who applied pressure..
    Ambos and helicopter arrived within minutes.
    Guy was stabilised and moving his arms and legs so the assumption is he'll pull through with some broken bits and a gash to the neck.
    His helmet didn't take any impact but was rather blood splattered as it would if you open up a vein.
    He is very lucky he didn't rupture the carotid artery.
    Anyhow hopefully all is fine and he enjoyed the helicopter trip considering the circumstances.
    I had my camera with me and will post a series of pics.
    I didn't take any pictures of the rider out of respect for him and his family.
    btw the driver was nowhere to be seen.
    Heres hoping for a speedy recovery.
    The good thing that came out of this was that the driver was universally condemned by the crowd for not looking.
    I know if the driver was there he would have copped an absolute biucketing from me and even with all the police there I reckon I would have had to be restrained because this dumshit almost killed someone out of pure carelessness in his hurry to get to the beach.
    I expect some in here not to like what I have posted but I felt it is a good indicator how even a minorish low speed impact can have dire consequences and some of our more gung ho members might want to think about how they ride in built up areas.
    I'm not gonna sit here and defend what I have posted so don't bother flaming because I won't reply.

    Take care out there folks because at this time of the year more than other times drivers brains are in neutral.

  2. Owwww..... lucky to have survived that!!

    best wishes to the rider for a good recovery.

    Evil Karma to driver for obvious reasons :evil:
  3. Hmm...shit.

    That looks like my mates bike.

    The guy have a bald head and a van dyke?
  4. Dunno what a van dyke is but he did have a bald head and tatts on one arm.
    Rather solid guy looked in his 30's from what I saw of him.
    He was moving and sucking on that pain killer "whistle" thing the ambos gave him.
    From what the ambos and cops told me he should recover.
  5. Shite!

    Survived a cut jugular... That's amazing. Best wishes to the guy.
  6. smee - you'll never change the opinions of halfwits, that's one of the reasons they're halfwits in the first place.

    I hope this guy recovers quickly. I hope the law deals with the driver appropriately
  7. What a horrible crash...I hope the rider recovers fully.
  8. Van dyke is a type of beard, goatee with the bit around the jaw line (think Kevin Smith) but if the guy had tatts it's not my mate (he's tatt free and 23).

    Hope the guys alright, don't even want to think about having ones neck cut open. :shock:
  9. Maybe

    I was hjoping mob rule would have sorted out that driver but he was nowhere to be seen.
    Probably taken away by the coppers for his own safety.
    Bike was towed away and by the evening the car was gone too.
    What really stood out was there was a baby seat in the back on the drivers siude where the bike impacted.
    If a child was restrained in there they may have been badly injured as well.
    Luckily that was not the case.
  10. From Xmas till Easter it is Nut Bag full down there on beach road. For that reason you just have to expext that they will all be trying to kill you. It is not only car drivers that are in this Bag, I saw something that was hard to believe on the wekend but don't want to go into it here.
  11. Well, I was speechless for a few minutes after reading this..... :shock:

    That is shocking & very saddening.

    I do hope that the rider recovers fully & quickly and also isn't put off any of this (obviously will be shaken & apprehensive for a while....I know I would be)

    I severely hope that the driver (or should we say "person behind the wheel"? A driver would be aware!!!) is dealt with appropriately. I could think of several things that could be slapped against this person in way of charges and it probably wouldn't be sufficient..... ](*,) [-X

    Again, I wish the rider, whoever he is, a speedy & full recovery.
  12. That is an SP2.

    Here's to a full recovery.

    Now Mr. Smee..........

    Will you now change your attitude to the "not another rider down post"????

    Or is it a case of do as I say and not as I do???? :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  13. looks like the bike hit the car at a low angle, which may have been better than a 90 degree tbone

    better luck to the rider in future

    i think these posts are a help. they remind us that we are mortal and accidents do happen often caused by others.

    remember that behind the wheel of every car is a nut
  14. Holy Cow, This reminds me of an accident I heard few months ago on the nepean hwy. Similar fashion where I believe both the Rider and the driver lost their lives. Another of the TBone accidents.

    I hope the guy recovers fully and gets back on his machine soon...it sure is his lucky day.

    Ad for the moron on the fours, well I hope you learnt a good lesson,, He's bloody lucky not have his baby(or whosoever's) in the car.

    I'm with you on this Smee... Good point.
  15. I was there and witnessed it firsthand, asked the correct people the correct questions and am not speculating.
    My attitude on quoting newspaper references and Guessing what happened hasn't changed.
    I dotted my i's and crossed my t's and took tasteful photos to document what I saw.
    There is no disinformation in this account or speculation on my behalf.
  16. That is not good at all. I hope the rider makes a full recovery. People in cars need to be way more carefull and take there time Or simply LOOK where the fcuk they are going.
  17. Well if you had said that in the first place then I would have something to apologise for.
    FWIW I retract my statement.
  18. are you sure all the details you got are correct?.......just kidding, that was a good report with great pics

    the damage to the car was scary and it showed the amount of impact. lucky for the rider it wasn't a 4wd or bus cause he wouldn't of flown over those, instead he would've impacted, possibly fatally.
  19. For those interested in the dynamics/physics of a bike crash, you can watch a video of 3 bike crash tests in slow motion with one of them showing a t-bone similar to this unfortunate incident.

  20. similar car too.......
    that video is scary but does it take into account things like rider reaction/jumping braking?

    Scary stuff.