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QLD Accident at QR today

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by RichiB, Jun 5, 2013.

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    RIP rider, condolences to family and friends. It was a trackday today, I don't have any other info, just saw this online. Sorry if it's the wrong area.

    Man believed dead in Qld raceway crash
    • From: AAP
    • June 05, 2013 2:30PM
    A MAN is believed to have died in a motorbike crash at a raceway west of Brisbane.
    It's understood the 23-year-old died after suffering a heart attack following the crash, which happened just before midday (AEST) at the Queensland Raceways racetrack near Ipswich.
    A second man was injured in the crash, and has been taken to a Brisbane hospital in a critical condition.

    He has back and other injuries, the Department of Community Safety says.
    Police said the racetrack was responsible for releasing details of the incident.
    AAP has sought comment from Queensland Raceways.

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/national/man-believed-dead-in-qld-raceway-crash/story-e6frfku9-1226657848881#ixzz2VJvdScBi
  2. Just saw another post on this tragic event. It happened at a track day :(

    Ride In Peace dude.
    = = = = = =


    A YOUNG motorcyclist has died after being thrown more than 40 metres after a collision at Queensland Raceway earlier today.
    Emergency services were called around 11.15am Wednesday to the circuit on Champion's Way at Willowbank, which was hosting a Champion's Ride Day for motorcycle enthusiasts.

    The motorcyclist, believed to be an Ashmore man in his early 20s, was thrown from his seat when he ploughed into the back of another rider.
    Authorities said the man died at the track, despite the efforts of paramedics who performed CPR.

    Another rider was taken to the Princess Alexandra Hospital with back injuries and "multiple traumas," a Department of Community Safety spokeswoman said.
    It is believed the riders were friends.

    Initial information suggests the marshals "red flagged" the session after noticing debris on the track, letting riders know to slow down and return to the pit area until it was cleared.

    However, for reasons unknown, the male motorcyclist continued accelerating and collided with the other rider.

    It is understood there were around 20 motorbikes on the track at the time.
    Acting Senior Sergeant District Duty Officer Stephen Andrews said police had spoken to a number of witnesses.

    "We've been canvassing the spectators. There were a couple of hundred spectators there and we're trying to see if anyone filmed it," he said.

    "At this stage nobody has come forward yet, but obviously we'd like to speak to them if they did."

    He said police will also seize the bike to examine whether it was a mechanical issue.
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  4. Keep the speculation to a minimum guys. Check the TnC's. Thanks.
  5. What a shame, any news on the second rider involved?