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Accident at Knox last night - if it was you, thank you

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CBRSteve, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. Hi guys

    One of my emplyees had a car accident at Knox City Ozone last night (t-boned by a 4WD).

    A lone motorcyclist was the only person that stopped to check if everyone was okay (sounds like they had first aid training as well)

    If it was one of us, a personal thanks from me to you for helping out.

    Good karma points headed your way :)

    Kinda restores your faith i humanity when you see stuff like this.
  2. your pluming looks OK from here...

    The nozels are drains for your carbs (might be an idea to actualy drain them and see what crap come out)

    the hose that is not conected to any thing looks like a breater to me...

    And the reason why your bike is running like that... several posibilitys... check the oil level.. some times fuel get into the engine if ithe bike is on it's side. Check the carby balance as it can go off from a knock, check your leads to the sparkplugs as they can slip off in a spill as well..

    LOL how the hel did this post get here?? I sware I was reponding to another post...
  3. well that clears that up then :shock:
  4. I was thinking the same thing....
    and nice work from the lone motorcyclist, i hope that good karma finds them....
  5. WTF are you talking about?

    Anyways... good on the rider!
  6. I think Lord was replying to the other thread round ATM about teh VTR250 that was having problems.

    Oh well. :)

    But yeah, good for from the guy who did help out.
  7. I reckon that was meant to go in "Haggismaen"'s Thread about the VTR with some unplugged hoses.

    Kudos to the bloke that stopped
  8. I have no idea how that reply eneded up in this thred...

    Any how good on you (who ever you are) for giving a hand...

    When I had my big one... I had 4 very nice nurses in a car behind me so I know how much help that can be...

  9. Bragger!
    Any wonder you had a big one!!!!!!
  10. Good on the Rider,:applause: :applause: :applause: Can't say the same about my experience. Not a single car stopped inspite of me waving after my crash. 11 April, 10:30pm Governor road, Mordialloc. Bl@@dy was pissing like hell and none of the cage morons had the courtesy to stop for a guy stranded in the dark and waving frantically. Bloody cagers :mad:
  11. /Idiot cager think..


  12. [img:487:306:a6e04a3ac4]http://thejeffmillerexperience.com/Jesus/jesus.jpg[/img:a6e04a3ac4]