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Accident and fatality statistics

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by moforila, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Does any know of the statistics for motorcycle accidents and/or fatalities on Australian roads?

    Preferably something with comparison to car statistics.

    The reason why I am interested is that I have an absolutely fanatical mother that thinks riding a motorcycle is an absolute death sentence. She is totally out of her mind about it, basically to her looking at a motorcycle will kill you, just going out and buy gear ends in an argument about how I’m going to become a quadriplegic.

    I need some facts to argue with.
  2. You realy might not want to find these stats. Cant see how it would strengthen your arguement.
    Most bike crashes result in some sort of injury. Riding IS much more dangerous regardless of how good you are.

    EDIT: This; Of the 337 people killed on Victoria's roads in 2006, 47 were riders of motorcycles. This represents 14% of the road toll and yet only 3% of vehicles registered in Victoria are motorcycles, with only 7% of Victorians holding a licence to ride a motorcycle.

  3. Well I was think of something to would show it to not be as bad as she thinks it is.

    In her eyes, its like 50% of riders die and its hard ever about your skill but the people around.

    I agree about that fact that it doenst depend on your skills, not even rossi can avoid some random T-boning and merging into him.
  4. Its an interesting website. I just found out that if I was a woman I'd be 1/3 less likely to be killed. Might get a few dangly bits removed and I should live longer :LOL:

    Mate go with the line that you're an adult and you will be as careful as you can (at least until you're out of sight) :wink:
  5. Thanks for the advice, but I dont think it as easy as that with my mother. This is going to be a full scale military operation to convince her to allow me to park the new bike at home.

    Im going to need to fake moving about to make her accept the fact I want to ride a motorcycle.

    I think I will need a quick read of Art of War by SunTzu. :p
  6. you can try to convince her by looking at motogp chaps. they were thrown around at incredible speed and no real injury shown, some even came out of it uninjured.

    the key is: proper gear :grin:
  7. Sure he can, it's called devensive riding. Don't enter an intersection if you can't be sure oncoming traffic won't stop and don't sit next to other vehicles in traffic.
    I'm sorry to tell you this, but the stats still show that more than 50% of motorbike accidents are single vehicle accidents.
    However, most here will still not believe this, and try to blame other road users in some way.

    Regards, Andrew.
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  8. Bullshit. The key is huge runoff areas, no large solid objects in the fall zone, kitty litter and slow deceleration of the riders. The riders rarely travel for more that two or three seconds on the paved surface, the rest is on grass or kitty litter. Neither of those cause any real abrasion.
    Try to find ANY of those in the real world.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. :LOL: Agree but lets hope Mum doesnt come back with the fact she's never seen a Kenworth coming the other way at Assen or anywhere else. The arguement will have to be better than that.
    I wonder what Keven Magee's Mumsaid when he was almost killed and still suffers and what about Wayne Rainey ... The accident left him paralysed from the chest down and many many more. These guys were wearing the best gear money could buy and some money couldnt buy.

    Sorry to put a dampner on things but like I said before riding IS dangerous and we need to acknowlege that. :wink:
  10. typhoon's my brother.............. :LOL:
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  11. you need to tell your mother, that quite seriously....and rather unfortunately 100% of riders die.

    you should also make her aware that she too will die, and the only way she can avoid that is to not live.

    mostly everyone dies ;)
  12. Only if you have lots of money. DO you have lots of money? :grin:

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. don't try and convince your mother with statistics
    she has made up her mind and no matter what you do she will tell you that it is dangerous,


    life is dangerous and the cost of living is death

    life is too short to waste your time trying to change prejudiced opinions.

    do what you want but aproach everthing with due caution and education and try to learn from those more experienced and operate within your abilities.
  14. Your mother will never accept it.

    Move out of home. Become independent.
  15. Lets see. Wife, exwife, child support for 3 kids, 2 cars and a motorcycle to support. Sorry Andrew nothing left for you............ :LOL:
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  17. O.K, beer then. Do you have beer?

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. See thats the thing, I am with what most people say here. (even though some are arguing with each other).

    The point is my attiduded it made up, your going to die some day. If you want to be sure your going to live that maximum number of days possible you can go eat shithouse vegetables with minimum calories intake, inhale air as little as possible and hide in a hole. What kind of s shitty life experience is that, live a life worth living.

    For all I know I could die tomorrow of liver cancer.

    Can you back this stat up, It would really help me in my cause.

    I am very much a safe driver, always have been. From the days my dad yelled at me for speed when i drove 61 in a 60 zone.

    Im going to give her any ultimatum any way, I moving out or your excepting. DONE
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  20. no, no, no, no, no.
    you dont deliver an ultimatum under your parents roof. that would have scored me a smack in the mouth :shock:
    respect their house, and tell them that you are passionate about your decision, and that you are going to get a bike even without their support.
    allow them the opportunity to deliver an ultimatum to you. you may find that the ease up a little ;)