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Accident aftermath

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by haggis, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. I got a call at work today from Walcha police, seems after my accident I'm being done for neg driving, the news is in the mail :cry:
    Great news after all the shit and bills I've been through.
    Hey I'm alive and a member of Netrider :wink:
    It could be worse
    I wonder what the roo was charged with :?:

    Here's a couple of pics

  2. What actually happened? I'm guessing that you hit a 'roo? And if so, how can they get you for negligent driving/riding?

    Will you challenge it? If so, good luck.
  3. oh mate thats unfortunate.

    what are they basing the charge on ?
  4. That's utter rubbish, if there's no prpoerty damage, how can they charge you with anything???

    Get yourself a lawyer, matey, it looks like you'll need it.

    After seeing that pic of the broken bike, mate, it's a dead-set miracle that you're with us at all :shock:
  5. That is one hell of a stack

    The forks snapping is one thing, but the dent in the wheel :shock:

    Glad you are still here to tell the tale.

    Good luck bike shopping :cool:
  6. They frequently do that.
    Law and order in action.

    I doubt you'll even need a lawyer.
    Just go to court and explain to the Judge what happened.

    You could however phone a lawyer for free advice.
    There are two motorcycle friendly lawyers listed in the back pages of Two Wheels magazine.
  7. Another thought (and I've done it myself) ring the NSW Police Commisoner's office and ask them to review the Infringement notice, based on the fact that the Police have issued you a ticket with absolutly no evidence of wrong doing on your part.
    It's normally the case that in the event of a traffic accident the officers who attend are obliged to issue a ticket. I know that sounds crazy but that seems to be how it works.

    Did they interview you?
    Why did they not issue the ticket sooner?
    What evidence are they basing the ticket on?
    Just coming off the bike is NOT a crime.
    So long as you did not admit you were speeding or of doing anything against the road rules I don't see that they are going to be able to present the Judge with a reason for issuing the ticket.

    Many Police are basically just mindless automations, following a set of procedures, I've seen it a lot.

    I do not doubt that a Judge will wipe the ticket in a second.

    Do NOT bother questioning the Traffic Infringement Bureau, I've been there and done that, they ARE mindless bureaucrats who have absolutly no interest in anything a person who has been issued a ticket has to say.
  8. The police came to interview me in hospital, the doc wouldn't let them near me. Before I left Port Macquarie hospital I rang the station and told them I'd be going back to Sydney, did they want a statement. No one showed. I finally gave a statement to Marrickville police three weeks ago!
    This week I was chasing up my insurance claim, they said the police were lagging, I rang the police which lead to todays conversation. I want to challenge it but I have no memory of the actual crash. All I remember is the small roo on the road in front of me, then lying on the road in pain
  9. Dennis thats fcuked !!

    Get that motorcycling MP in parliament to raise this !!!

    That is totally rubbish !!

    No property or self harm to others was done other than to yourself !
  10. If you only remember the roo, then lying on the road.
    And you did not admit at ANY time, or in your statement that you were doing above the legal speed limit for that part of the road, and there were no witnesses to the accident...anything the Police are using for evidence is based soley on their own ideas.
    And they have nothing to back those ideas up.
    Did a Police Crash Scene Investigation Unit attend the site of your accident?
    I doubt it, that far out in the country.
    What did the Police Officer in Walga tell you on the phone?
    What are they issuing the ticket for Neg driving?
    Do they feel you were speeding?
    Fell asleep?
    That's the only two things they can issue it for.
    They cannot issue a ticket for hitting a roo.

    I've given you some good advice here mate.
    it's up to you to follow it up.
    You could also contact the Mayors Office in Walcha and the local newspaper up there.
    See how many times the local Police have issued tickets like this to people.
    And how many to locals as opposed to tourists and people travelling through?
    You could also find out what court you will have to attend in that area and phone that court and ask for free legal advice.
    The person who gives the advice is often one of the magistrates.
    Keep us informed mate. I'm prepared to help as much as is needed, even to producing photos of past accidents at various speeds, just to prove that massive damage can occur at 30 K, as opposed to 100 K.
    Write this in to the MRA, the MRAA and Two Wheels also.

    Cheers: Jaq.
  11. Yes Jaqhama I'm behind you in every point. Especially about Infrigement Bureau :(

    Sorry for the additional blow haggis. I'm sure it will be fine. What do you expect from country cops? ;)
  12. I'm waiting to see what the actual letter says before doing anything. When asked what speed I was doing I said between 70 .-80kph. I would have been doing approx what the advisory signs said as it was my first time up that road.
  13. As if people havent got enough crap to worry about without the cops issuing infringements for every time they hear of an accident.

    I honestly thought that the role of the Police was to "Serve and Protect" not "Serve and Collect"

    Everything you do these days attracts a fine.
  14. The NSW Police recently changed their name from NSW Police Service...back to...NSW Police Force.

    I think that says it all.
  15. "Making derogatory, possibly incitful comments and attempting to bring the NSW Police Force into disrepute...that'll be $250 dollars plus $3.40 VAT. Please see Infringement notice for payment options. Thank you for your business. Have a nice day Sir." :LOL: :cool:
  16. WTF !!
    I thought you screwed Britannia !! :LOL:
  17. A very similar thing happened to a friend of ours (living in country NSW) last year. No kangaroo and no other vehicle was involved in the accident. He lost the bike on some oil near a roundabout and no he wasn't hooning. In fact he was upright (not leant over) and approaching the intersection and hadn't begun to even brake when the bike went down. He suspected something on the road like oil. Unfortunately he was alone at the time and too shocked to properly examine the accident scene. He managed to get home and the next day rang the insurance company to begin the process of lodging a claim. He was asked "have you reported the accident to the police, as you will have to do that before we can assist you". He went to the police and was charged with negligent driving. Their excuse was there was no other vehicle involved therefore he was not driving correctly for the conditions. I told him to get a lawyer, they apparently backed the police. Its not good. I am sorry to hear of your predicament and hope that something can be done, at least in your case there was a Roo! Good luck!
  18. Good to hear that you're still alive after all that. WTF is this BS re: neg riding?! :evil:
  19. You DO NOT have to report the accident to the Police.
    That's just the insurance company trying it on.
    All you need to make an insurance claim is a quote from a registered bike shop/repairer for the damage.
    It used to be written in RTA handbooks that there was no need to contact the Police in the event of a minor accident where no one was hurt.
    Plenty of blokes make claims for damage to their trail bikes when riding on private property or off road in the bush.